10 Lines on Election Commission

Election Commission is an agency that ensures the free and fair election process in a state or a country. It lays out certain rules and guidelines for contesting parties and maintains a strict code of conduct throughout the election to undergo the election in a transparent and ethical way. It is an independent authority without any inclination towards any political parties or candidates which is very important to conduct a fair election.

Ten Lines on Election Commission

Set 1

1) The independent agency which conducts and ensures a transparent and unbiased election in a country is referred to as Election Commission.

2) It regulates the function of the electoral process by enforcing certain guidelines and procedures.

3) The name of the regulatory body changes in various countries like the Electoral Commission, Federal Election Commission, Election Council, etc.

4) In India, the agency is named as Election Commission of India and is headed by the Chief Election Commissioner.

5) Election Commission also foresees any fraudulent activities and illegal financial funding in the election campaign.

6) It also has the responsibility to verify the electoral rolls and update it with the latest data.

7) It collects the statistical data of the election and maintains the proper record of the election process.

8) Election Commission also organizes various workshops to check the integrity of the ballot boxes or Electronic Voting Machines.

9) It also organizes various programmes and events to aware people of the importance of voting.

10) Election Commission is an important agency that helps in ensuring the proper functioning of a democratic country.

Set 2

1) Election Commission is considered an important pillar of democracy as it ensures a proper, transparent and fair election in any state or country.

2) It also plays an important role in building trust in the minds of people so that they can vote freely without any influence or pressure.

3) It also has the authority to prosecute any representative or any political party in case of violation of the code of conduct during the election.

4) It decides the territorial boundaries of the constituencies across the country based on different factors.

5) It recognizes the status of the political parties and also allocates them their election symbols.

6) It appoints electoral, registration and returning officers to supervise the electoral process.

7) Election Commission also monitors the campaign expenditure of all the political parties and can also audit their financial statements.

8) Along with the election dates it also declares the nomination dates so that the candidates can nominate themselves for the election and submit their documents.

9) Election Commission also introduces electoral reforms to make the election process smooth and transparent.

10) Election Commission in a country is as important as an elected government as this is the agency basis which a country gets its government.

The importance of the Election Commission for a democratic country could never be ignored as this is the neutral agency which is responsible for conducting the fair, unbiased and peaceful election in a country.

It also helps to instill the feeling of trust among people that the election will be conducted by an independent agency and will be fair and uninfluenced by any political party. Stating Election Commission as an invisible pillar of democracy might not be wrong as it supports democracy in its own way.

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