10 Lines on Election

The process through which the citizen of a country chooses their representatives to govern the public offices is called an election. The election is very common in a democratic country where the government is elected by the hands of its citizens.

It plays an important role in carving the political structure of a nation and helps to provide a strong and stable government in the country. Elections are generally held at a fixed period and are conducted in a very secure and unbiased way so that it remains transparent and ethical. The election in a democratic country is very crucial as it is necessary to run the country smoothly and helps it to function in a normal way.

Ten Lines on Election in English

We are providing here 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Election in English Language for students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Students can get help in their studies from these sets of lines and complete their home work, assignments, project work and can get knowledge within less time also. So, let’s start:

10 Lines on Election

1) An election is the method by which the citizen of a country chooses its representatives to be sent to the respective public offices.

2) Election is termed as the backbone of a democratic country as the government is chosen through a public vote.

3) It gives the right in the hands of the people so that they decide their representative to be sent to the respective position.

4) In a democratic country, the government is of the people, by the people, and for the people, and election is the tool that makes this possible.

5) Apart from democratic countries and government institutions, election is also used to choose local representatives in local as well as other private institutions.

6) It gives the freedom of choice to the voter without any pressure so that he chooses the right person for the right place.

7) Election finds its existence in ancient civilization and during the Vedic era also when the chiefs of certain organizations were chosen by the process of election.

8) The procedure through which a candidate files his name to contest in the election is called as Nomination.

9) The election could be done through various means like the use of voice vote, ballot paper or the latest Electronic Voting Machines.

10) Election also gives an equal chance to every candidate to convince people through election campaigns so that they vote for them.

10 Lines and Sentences on Election

1) A decision-making process that is used to choose representatives for a political, as well as other institutions through the public vote, is called Election.

2) The study which is used to analyze the result and statistics of an election is called Psephology.

3) The agency or organization which ensures transparent and unbiased election in a country is called as Election Commission or Electoral Commission.

4) In India, the Election Commission of India ensures to undergo a transparent and ethical election without being biased towards any party.

5) A set of guidelines which is issued by the Electoral Agency for regulating political parties to conduct a free and fair election is called as Model Code of Conduct.

6) Voice Vote is a form of the voting process where the decision is made based on the majority of people through voice but it is suitable for single candidature.

7) Election through Ballot paper is an age-old practice of election where people select their representative and put it in a box referred to as Ballot Box.

8) Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is the latest addition in the election process where the vote is recorded electronically and saved in the machine.

9) EVMs have made the election process fast and secure and the results are declared on the same day as compared to Ballot paper counting which took several days for the result.

10) Elections are free and fair means for choosing representatives in a democratic country and it gives the power in the hands of its citizens.

5 Lines on Election

1) It is the process of choosing a representative.

2) In election people can vote for their candidate.

3) It plays a vital role in democratic government.

4) Elections can be held in different fields.

5) It gives power to the hands of people.

20 Lines on Election

1) Election can generally be termed as a decision or opinion-making process that is used to elect candidates for a specific post.

2) Election plays a particularly important role in the democratic form of government in a country in a political system.

3) It is a tool used in selecting representatives of the public who run the government.

4) Elections are considered the basis of democracy because they ensure that the government elected through elections is for the people, of the people and by the people.

5) A free and fair election is the sign of a healthy democracy in a country.

6) Through elections, citizens of a country express their acceptance or refusal of government policies and work.

7) Elections are conducted by an electoral agency, which is entrusted to an autonomous body to conduct peaceful and fair elections in the country.

8) The entire electoral process is taken care of by the agency, starting with registering political parties for election until the election results are declared.

9) Election gives rights in the hands of the public and gives them the freedom to elect the government of their choice that will work for their growth and development.

10) Election is also a platform on which a voter sees a new light of hope for strengthening the country and nation-building.

11) Elections are one of the important pillars on which a country’s democracy rests.

12) It gives the people the right to vote so that they can choose the government of their choice that works for their welfare.

13) It also helps in the creation of new leaders who can lead the nation on all fronts and ensure progress, prosperity, and development in the country.

14) It is therefore important that the citizens of a country understand the importance of elections and know how their single vote can shape the fate of their nation.

15) During an election, each vote has high importance so it is important that it is wisely cast for the right candidate.

16) This gives them an option where they can select a candidate without any pressure or force, who speaks for them and represents them on a much larger stage.

17) It is a tool that helps every class and community to rise and speak through its representatives.

18) It acts as a medium through which the politics of a country is controlled by its citizens.

19) Elections play an important role in maintaining democracy in the country and protecting it from chaos and dictatorship.

20) A free and fair election shows signs of a healthy democracy in a country.

Elections are the most important part of a democratic country. It helps the government to function in a normal way and work for the betterment of its citizens. It provides the power of selection in the hands of the citizen of a country and makes them an important pillar of democracy.

Electoral reforms done by the electoral agency ensure that the elections are conducted in a free, fair and unbiased way so that people believe in the process and cast their vote without any pressure or force.

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