10 Lines on Healthy Food

The food enriched in all nutrients (i.e. carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, minerals and adequate amount of water) is known as Healthy Food. It is very necessary for living a disease free life. In today’s hectic life it is difficult to follow but is essential to live a healthy life. Balanced and nutritive diet and physical activity are the foundation of a healthy life. It not only frees us from getting exhausted but also keeps us away from ailments as well as gives a long life span. It helps us to repair the damaged cells and tissues.

In the modern time people keeping away from natural food habits and for saving their time are attracted towards fast food and junk food, which are leading them towards different kind of diseases like obesity, diabetes ,and coronary diseases.

There are many things produced in nature which are beneficial to our health. All kind of fruits, grains, milk, egg and fresh green vegetables etc are healthy food items if they are processed naturally. They supply adequate amount of nutrients and energy to our body.

Ten Lines on Healthy Food in English

Everybody needs food to survive. Food gives us energy to do our routine work. In the following ten points you will read why it is essential for living beings. Which food items are mandatory for us to make our body healthy and beautiful?

10 Lines on Healthy Food - Set 1

1) A diet which contains all the nutrients- carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, and minerals along with fibers and adequate amount of water is called Healthy diet.

2) By little consciousness one can live a healthy disease free life and can perform his/her routine job with energy.

3) Nature provides us with many valuable products from time to time that keep us fit and healthy.

4) Carbohydrates supply the major amount of energy to our body; therefore, it is compulsory to intake proper amount of rice and potatoes.

5)  In place of unsaturated fats we should use little saturated fats in our diet and also avoid fried food as they give us ailment of heart and leads to obesity (gaining weight).

6) Protein is widely found in pulses, eggs, fish, meat and milk in sufficiently and gives us energy.

7) Green vegetables supply us many kind of minerals which are essential to our body and the important fibers.

8) Milk is itself a complete food which contains all kinds of nutrients and we must add milk and milk products in our diet.

9) Fruits and fruit juices are also rich source of many kinds of minerals and vitamins.

10) Sprouts are good for digestion, and supply various kinds of nutrients and the important fibers. It keeps us away from many kinds of stomach diseases.

Here we are providing you another set of 10 points on Healthy Food. This will make you cautious during taking your meals. Here you will become aware about the importance of healthy diet, when and how one should take a proper diet to keep himself/herself fit and healthy.

10 Lines on Healthy Food - Set 2

1) To remain fit and healthy we should have to take proper food and must habituated to say a strict ‘NO’ to fast food and junk food.

2) We should make a plan and menu for days of the week to receive adequate amount of different kind of nutrients and a routine for physical exercises.

3) All kind of nutrients must be added in our diets so that our body can gain energy for doing our daily chores actively.

4) Potatoes and boiled rice are great source of carbohydrates that supply energy to work. Other grains have also carbohydrates.

5) Vitamins and proteins are called body building food; therefore we have to add these in our daily diet.

6) Fats are essential because they also provide us energy, but saturated fats are harmful, hence we should avoid taking it in small amount.

7)  Fruits facilitate many kinds of minerals and dietary fibers to our body also fruit juices gives instant energy hence we should add them in our routine diets.

8) Milk is called complete food since it has all kind of nutrients. It supplies all kind of nutrients to the body. Infants live only on milk that supplies enough energy to them.

9) We should always add green salad in our diet; because of its attractive colour and presentation everyone fascinates to eat them.

10) In this context, the most mandatory water cannot be left and must be taken in adequate amount time to time for the complete digestion of the food eaten.

From the above discussion we are able to know the importance and impacts of healthy food in our daily life. By taking healthy food we will keep ourselves away from ailments and can perform better in our life. As it was correctly said in an idiom, “A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”. Our body is a gift of nature (God), hence keep it fit and healthy by adapting healthy food habits.

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