10 Lines on Grandparents

Over a period of time, with the advancement in medical technology and lifestyle the period of longevity has increased for the grandparents. Grandparents are popularly known as caregivers for the children in the family. Grandparents not only help the grandchildren in their studies, personal growth but also inculcate the moral values and good habits among them.

Every year 8th September is celebrated as ‘National Grandparents Day’ a secular holiday across the globe to honour and recognize the contributions of grandparents in our lives. The role of grandparents has become increasingly important in the family where children need emotional support apart from normal parenting.

Ten Lines on Grandparents in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on ‘Grandparents’ in simple and easy words for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 so that you can have a better understanding about them, who are often regarded as one of the most experienced persons in a family. After going through these lines you will be able to understand as what is the importance of grandparents, how grandparent help to develop the family, how grandparent helps in the growth of the children, what is nuclear family etc.

10 Lines on Grandparents

1) The parents of our own parents are called the grandparents.

2) Every person has at least four blood-related grandparents.

3) We called them Dada and Dadi or Nana and Nani.

4) Grandparents provide extreme love and care to their grandchildren.

5) Children love to spend time with their grandchildren.

6) Grandparents are the back bone of a family.

7) Grandparents reap moral values, ethics, and good habits in their grandchildren.

8) They are the best caretakers of grandchildren.

9) They always encourage grandchildren to fulfill their dreams.

10) They become best friends to their grandchildren’s.

10 Lines and Sentences on Grandparents

1) Grandparents are the senior most member of the family.

2) They are most experienced people and a guide to the family.

3) Grandchildren love their grandparents a lot.

4) Grandparents provide a selfless love and care to the grandchildren.

5) Most of the families do not like to live with grandparents.

6) There are many families where grandparents are burden.

7) Most of the grandparents live in old age homes.

8) They are the unique gifts of god to us.

9) National Grandparents Day is celebrated to pay gratitude to our grandparents.

10) Grandparents are the base of the family, we should love them.

10 Lines on Grandparents

5 Lines on Grandparents

1) Grandparents are the elder family members.

2) They teach the family cultures and traditions.

3) They are the most experienced members.

4) They always guide the family.

5) They love us very much.

20 Lines on Grandparents

1) Grandparents are the parents either from the maternal side or the paternal side.

2) They are the root of the family and the most experienced persons.

3) They share a special connection with grandchildren and act as a mutual support system for each other.

4) They serve as a role model for grandchildren by teaching them appropriate behaviour, providing encouragement in life and emotional support.

5) They happily celebrate festivals or birthdays along with children.

6) They care about each family member selflessly and love unconditionally.

7) They are old but the backbone of the family.

8) They need special attention from kids as they grow old, in turn, children need valuable knowledge and life lessons from their grandparents.

9) They are the oldest and most respected members of the family.

10) They play a big role in the Nuclear family where both the parents are working professionals.

11) Grandparents are considered as the basic root of the family who provide support to the family with their experience and knowledge.

12) The younger generation doesn’t like the strict and disciplined attitude of the grandparents towards the life which leads to the generation gap.

13) Sometimes striking a balance between generations becomes an extremely difficult task for the entire family which might lead to conflicts and misunderstanding.

14)  Understanding the feelings of grandparents and involving them to current changes may lead to reduce conflicts and increase collaboration in the family.

15) Grandparents and the children both have to adjust their thinking towards each other to understand themselves better.

16) Grandparents inculcate a lot of moral values and ethics in grandchildren which make them respect older people in society.

17) Grandparents can be very friendly in nature too often playing indoor and outdoor games with their grandchildren.

18) Grandparents advice about life can be very useful to the younger generation as they have already undergone various hardships in their own life.

19) They are very concern about their health and also teach the younger generation to inculcate healthy habits in their daily lives.

20) Grandparents take care of the grandchildren and it is our responsibility also to show our love, care and respect towards them.

10 Lines on Grandparents

Grandparents are the oldest and most respected members of the family. They play a very important role in everyone’s life as they care about us selflessly and love us unconditionally. Having a healthy relationship with grandparents in today’s modern world can be very helpful because the amazing life lessons which are shared by them to us over a cup of tea or coffee can’t be learnt in any leadership training institute or class.

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