10 Lines on God helps those who help themselves

God has created the beautiful world for us so that we can learn and grow by engaging ourselves in the meaningful work over entire life time. The entire physical world is based on the philosophy of karma meaning ‘action’. We have to follow laws of action to get the things done. We can’t sit idle and hope for the fruitful results in life. The best way is to act and then surrender to the God. We should focus on our duty and not on the results.

We have been gifted many things like aptitude, talent, abilities (physical and mental) by God to do our work in the physical world.  Once we have acted on any particular task utilizing the best of our ability we can rarely predict the outcome as we don’t have control over it, hence the best technique is to do whatever we can and then hope for the results.

Ten Lines on God helps those who help themselves in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on God helps those who help themselves in English of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. After reading these lines you may know everything about this proverb. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition.

10 Lines on God helps those who help themselves

1) God helps those who help themselves is a true saying.

2) It means that we should believe in doing self-help.

3) We cannot get anything only by prayers.

4) We can achieve success by doing hard work.

5) The blessing of God is always with us.

6) God never helps those who do not work hard and struggle.

7) God always helps people who are ready to do effort.

8) We should do our work with full devotion.

9) God will surely give us a good result.

10) We should never blame God for bad results.

10 Lines and Sentences on God helps those who help themselves

1) God only helps those who are always ready to help themselves.

2) This phrase motivates us to become self-dependent.

3) We should not be fully dependent on God for everything.

4) God has blessed everyone with mind and talents.

5) We have to work hard for achieving success in life.

6) We should never become hopeless by failures in life.

7) It is a form of next chance provided to us by god.

8) God never helps people who run away from doing effort.

9) God helps us by giving several opportunities in life.

10) We must be ready to accept the opportunity and do our best.

10 Lines on God helps those who help themselves

5 Lines on God helps those who help themselves

1) It means we should work hard.

2) It encourages being self-dependent.

3) God helps those who are ready to put effort.

4) We should not depend on luck every time.

5) Praying to God will not give us success but hard work can.

20 Lines on God helps those who help themselves

1) God helps those who help themselves is the famous proverb or idiom that inspire people around the globe for effort and motivation.

2) The proverb ‘God help those who help themselves’ was coined by political theorist Algernon Sidney.

3) God can only guide us the right path through spirituality but we have to make real effort if we want to get success in life.

4) God don’t help those people who are lazy and waste their time and energy in just sitting idle and doing nothing in life.

5) Self help and hard work are the some of the virtues which can only help us during the time of hardship.

6) People who only spend time in praying and hope that God would help them in all kinds of situations lose self-confidence and become highly reliant on luck.

7) Luck may favour sometimes but not all the time therefore we should have faith on our own ability and hard work.

8) If we are getting faced with the challenges and failures, it’s not that God is not looking after us but it’s just that he wants us to learn and grow.

9) There are many personalities in the world who defied all the odds to achieve milestones in their life by sheer dedication, hard work and commitment.

10) In famous Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna motivated Arjuna to do the karma (duty) and leave the result up to the God.

11) The phrase has featured in many cultures around the globe showcasing the importance of hard work and dedication.

12) There are many famous stories and fables written on this phrase in order to motivate children and students.

13) It motivates us that we should continue to do the hard work with good intentions irrespective of the results.

14) The phrase also gives us the motivation for keeping patience and perseverance under difficult situation by becoming a self reliant and confident person.

15) God puts us in various situations in order to make us physically active, mentally alert and spiritually uplifted.

16) We should not curse or blame God in difficult times because he wants to develop us in terms of character and personality to the fullest possible extent.

17) If we start helping ourselves in terms of work, God will automatically open the door of many other wonderful opportunities in life.

18) Until we do not put effort and hard work nobody in this physical world is going to help us including God.

19) Having firm faith without any dependency on God would provide mental strength which will help to face the difficulties of life to emerge successful.

20) God will provide us the opportunity but it’s our responsibility to convert that opportunity in to success by commitment, hard work and dedication.

Humans are the only creatures on earth who have the capabilities to achieve not only material success but also the spiritual growth. If we won’t utilize the opportunity of human life to attain the meaningful goals then our life would be useless. God can only show us the path, it’s our responsibility to walk on the path and attain the happiness and satisfaction. One of the most important things is to keep trying even in difficult times until you achieve your goals.

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