10 Lines on Google

Internet has spread the whole world now a day and if we talk about it then the first word that comes in our mind is Google. Google is the most widely used search engine and the most successful company in online business today. Google is at the forefront of global technology. It focuses on improving the search and use of people. It provides information free of cost to anyone over an internet connection.

Ten Lines on Google

Set 1

1) Google is a search engine based on an American multinational Company ‘Google LLC’.

2) It was founded by two American computer scientists Larry Page and Sergey Brin on 4th September 1998.

3) Google was originally called ‘BackRub’ and was registered as ‘Google.com’ on 15th September 1997.

4) The Google bought YouTube on 9th October 2006 with the US $1.65 billion in stock.

5) The largest acquisition of Google was ‘Motorola Mobility’ for $12.5 billion on 15th August 2011.

6) Larry Page worked as the CEO of Google until the year 1998.

7) The popular ‘Google Chrome’ browser was first released for Windows XP and later on 2nd September 2008.

8) Google released its first android phone ‘Nexus One’ in January 2010, the brand was later replaced by ‘Pixel’.

9) Google purchased ‘Waze’ in June 2013 with $966 million to integrate with Google Maps.

10) The current CEO of Google ‘Sundar Pichai’ is holding the position since 10th August 2015.

Some other facts on Google with equal importance are discussed below in the second set of 10 lines on the Google for the reader. The facts provided below are relevant to the topic and will amaze the reader while reading the set. Google is a part of our daily life and we all use it very frequently. Let’s have a look at the set now.

Set 2

1) Google’s activities are controlled from headquarter at Mountain View, California in the U.S.

2) Google search engine is currently maintaining about 90% market share.

3) ‘Gmail’, a free web-based email service, was started by Google on 1st April 2004.

4) Google launched a social networking platform ‘Google Buzz’ in 2010 which couldn’t gain much popularity and closed soon.

5)  The introduction of the new social networking platform ‘Google+’ in June 2011 proved to be a good idea by Google.

6) Google purchased ‘Android Inc.’ in July of 2015 for $50 million.

7) Yahoo offered $3 billion to Google in 2002 which was rejected by Google.

8) In 149 languages, Google is spread all over the world.

9) The word ‘Google’ was added to Merriam Webster Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary in 2006 with the meaning ‘to search for information’.

10) After the death of its employee, Google provides 50% of employee’s salary to his/her living spouse for continuously 10 years.

There are many sources for Google to do business such as Google search engine, Google ads, Google apps and many more others. One can get information here in 149 different languages. The reason for the success of this widely used search engine is its rapid availability of useful and relevant information from its large data base. Google is like the beginning of a new era with a goal to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

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