10 Lines on Generation Gap

A generation gap is the term coined to reflect the difference of opinions and attitudes between two generations (younger generation and older ones). The concept came into highlight in the middle of 19th century when younger generation started going against thoughts and ideas of their parents with regard to family values, art and culture, socio political views and the government.

We have often seen in many families that younger ones generally connect easily with the persons of same age group; however it becomes difficult for them to understand the people from older generation.

The reason behind the difference in understanding of the people belonging to different age group in a family is ‘Generation Gap’. Let’s find below some of the interesting facts which would enhance your knowledge and make your understanding better about the ‘Generation Gap.’

Ten Lines on Generation Gap in English

We have provided ten lines on ‘Generation Gap’ in simple and easy words so that you can understand the meaning of the ‘Generation Gap’ in today’s world. These lines will help you to know what is generation gap, what are the causes of generation gap, what are the types of generations, what are the effects of generation gaps etc.

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10 Lines on Generation Gap – Set 1

1) A generation gap refers to the difference of thoughts, ideas, opinions, perception between two generations.

2) The main reason of generation gap is ever changing time, thoughts and beliefs.

3) The technological changes happening around the globe have created huge gap in thinking of young and old generation resulting to ‘Generation Gap’.

4) Lack of healthy and proper communication between generations also leads to the generation gap.

5) Younger generation are spending more time on mobile and internet resulting in communication gap with their parents.

6) Greatest Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennial, and Generation Z are few categories of generation.

7) Each group is unique in itself in terms of thinking, perception, opinions, actions and ideas giving us the best example of ‘Generation Gap’.

8) Generation gap is creating wide range of issues worldwide and is cause of concern for many developed nations like America and Russia.

9) Generation gap is causing loss of peace of mind as they are unable to respect each other’s opinions and getting involved in the argument frequently.

10) In today’s world, children are not having respect towards their parents and they leave home citing reasons of emotional stability and generation gap.

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10 Lines on Generation Gap – Set 2

1) Generation gap is the differences between generations which may lead to various types of conflicts.

2) The reason behind conflicts could be the different behavioral pattern of people undergoing through various situations and circumstances.

3) The upbringing of an individual can also be one of the reasons for the difference in ideas and opinions between generations.

4) Older generation people have limited access to technology and gadgets thus their way of thinking differs from the younger generation people.

5) Nowadays the bigger challenge for employers is to reduce the generational gap at workplace in order to reduce the conflicts and maintain harmony.

6) Cooperation, healthy conversation over wide range of topics would resolve the complexities in relationship reducing the generation gap.

7) People should also learn the skill of handling other individuals to resolve the differences.

8) The process of conciliation, negotiation and mutual agreement play very crucial role in resolving major conflicts due to generation gap.

9) People should also learn the attribute of respecting each other’s opinion which would in turn resolve the issues quickly.

10) In order to build the close bond in a relationship and sort out the difference, people should spend quality time with each other.

Generation gap is universal concept which has persisted in every generation since the time we have evolved as humans on this planet. It has not only impacted the lives of individuals in families but also at work place. Many companies across the globe are hiring mentors and coaches in order to train the people and make them learn effective team work and collaboration which would help to reduce and sort out the differences of opinions. Younger generation – Generation Z and millennial group have the bigger role to play when it comes to foster healthy environment not only at work place but also in the families by respecting the older generations.