10 Lines on Galileo Galilei

Galileo was such a great scientist and mathematician of the ancient era who solved many mysteries related to our surroundings and also the outer world. It is not less than an honour for us to read about him. You can have a short and brief overview of his life through some sets of 10 lines on Galileo Galilei that we have created and provided below. So let’s go.

Ten Lines on Galileo Galilei

Set – 1

1) Galileo Galilei was a great mathematician and astronomer of the 16th and 17th century.

2) He had born on 15 February 1564 in Pisa.

3) He had an interest in physics and mathematics since his childhood.

4) His first book ‘The Little Balance’ was published in the year 1586.

5) He spent some of his next years as a professor in some universities.

6) Marina Gamba was his girlfriend, and they had two daughters and a son.

7) In 1609, he invented his unprecedented telescope.

8) Based on the observation through his telescope, he discovered that earth revolves around the Sun.

9) He has also made the Hydrostatic balance.

10) On 8 January 1642, he died in Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Set – 2

1) The great Galileo Galilei is globally famous as the ‘Father of the Modern Physics and Modern Science’.

2) Apart from astronomy and mathematics, he was also an expert in engineering, natural philosophy, and physics.

3) His telescope was based on the concept of Dutch eyeglass.

4) Galileo had never married his girlfriend Marina Gamba.

5) His universal law of acceleration made the world believe his excellence.

6) It was Galileo who discovered in 1610 that Jupiter has four moons.

7) He got the name ‘Father of Modern Science’ by Albert Einstein.

8) He wrote many books of his experiments including The Little Balance, Mechanics, and The Assayer, etc.

9) The telescope made by Galileo is still kept in a museum in Italy.

10) When Galileo died, he was suffering from some health issues.

So it is clear that Galileo Galilei was a great scientist and observer. He had become blind in the last few years of his life. It is said that he had become blind because he used to look at the Sun through his telescope always. Whatever be the reason, the great man has made our life much simple.

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