10 Lines on Farmers Suicide in India

We consider farmers as “Gram Devta” or village god. What a farmer produces, the nation eats and he takes care of the population of the whole country. He fills the empty stomach of everyone but in return what he receives is burden of debts, starvation and inability to meet his household expenses.

Sometimes a farmer feels so helpless that he is forced to sell his land for money, or the land is auctioned by the banks and lenders from where he has taken the loan leaving the farmer and his family in a very bad situation. Too much pressure, stress and depression from these circumstances forces him to end his life. Farmer suicide in India is a matter of major concern and it is increasing day by day. Imagine that if there will be no farmers in India then the population will be forced to starve due to the unavailability of food.

Ten Lines on Farmers Suicide in India in English

We have provided ten lines on farmers suicide in India in English. After reading these lines you will know that how much population is involved in agriculture, why farmers suicide is a grave situation, what the data of 2016 says about farmers suicide, which factors are responsible for farmers suicide, what things can be done to reduce farmers suicide in India etc.

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10 Lines on Farmers Suicide in India

1) India is an agricultural country with 70 percent of its population depending on farming and other agricultural activities.

2) Farmers suicide in India is also a harsh reality which has increased in recent years.

3) The suicide of farmers is a grave situation in the country like India where agriculture is regarded as primary economy.

4) The Agricultural and Farmer Welfare Ministry says that in 2016 11370 farmers had committed suicide all over India.

5) There are number of reasons which are responsible for farmers suicide, one is inability to clear the debts of banks and village lenders.

6) Another reason is damaging of crops due to bad weather conditions like drought or floods.

7) The implementation of government policies is also responsible for farmers suicide, one policy is “loan waiver” but only few farmers get benefit of this.

8) In order to curb farmers suicide, we must do proper planning for cultivation, irrigation and harvesting of crops.

9) Proper arrangements should be made so that every farmer must receive “Minimum Support Price (MSP)” of every crop produced.

10) Sale of fertile land must be stopped to the real estate agents and companies for making buildings and apartments.

10 Lines and Sentences on Farmers Suicide in India

1) India is a country of villages with agricultural lands where farmers produce food grains.

2) Farmers suicide is also considered as shameful and shows that we can’t take care of our own farmers.

3) The worst affected states of farmers suicides are Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

4) The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) says that daily around 45 farmers commit suicide in India.

5) Inadequate rainfall results into drought which severely affects the yield of crops hence farmers suicide is more in drought prone areas.

6) Much damage is caused by the floods to the crops and when flood gets over it reduces the fertility of the agricultural land.

7) Seeds of “Genetically Modified” or GM crops are costlier than normal seeds which forces farmers to take heavy loans.

8) Huge debt payments make the farmers unable to meet daily expenses and food shortage problem occurs in their household.

9) Government must stop interference of middlemen so that farmers could be able to sell and get better price of their yield.

10) Monthly pension or free income should be given to the farmers as they could focus on farming without any household stress.

5 Lines on Farmers Suicide in India

1) India is an agricultural country.

2) Recently farmers’ suicide is increasing in India.

3) They commit suicide due to bad crop yields.

4) Not getting a good price for the crop is another reason.

5) Government should take steps on this issue.

20 Lines on Farmers Suicide in India

1) The incidence of farmer suicides in India has increased very rapidly since 1990.

2) Due to crop failure, the farmer fails to repay the loan taken.

3) Farmers’ suicides account for 11% of the total suicides occurring in the country.

4) The central government report states that on an average there is a debt of Rs 47000 per farmer in the country.

5) India’s agriculture is mainly based on the monsoon for irrigation, but cash crops are destroyed when it does not rain at the right time.

6) 70% of the farmers who commit suicide in the country are farmers who have less than 2 hectares of land.

7) Today, the situation is such that farmers are hardly able to bear the expenses of their family.

8) The farmers have to take loans from private money-lenders or Banks at high interest rate to sow their crops.

9) As his crop is destroyed by some natural calamity like flood or drought, he could not pay his debt in time.

10) No other option has been there to pay the debt hence farmers commit suicide to save the rest of his family members.

11) Farmers in our country are divided into 3 categories – small farmers, medium farmers and big farmers.

12) Apart from these, there is a large class of landless farmers who take land on the share of big rich farmers or landlords and cultivate it.

13) They have neither seed to sow the crop nor resources for irrigation as they born poor.

14) Anyhow they manage to sow their fields by taking money in advance from private money-lenders or from the shopkeepers.

15) Due to some reason they could not able to pay the money back and the burden of interest becomes more and more.

16) In such an adverse condition, the farmer has no option other than leaving this world.

17) The government has to implement rules of loaning in the favour of farmers and they have to give some liberty if they are not able to pay interest on time.

18) To encourage them a strict Insurance of their crops should be done on a large scale to cover all the small and big farmers.

19) The farmers should be privileged by irrigation facility, subsidy on seeds and fertilizers must be there and they should get the adequate rate on their products.

20) Government should encourage agriculture with modern technology in place of traditional agriculture so that maximum production can be done.

Former Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri gave the slogan of “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” signifying the importance of farmers in our country. Farmers suicide in India is a matter of great concern and should be solved immediately. Under the leadership of renowned agriculture scientist Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, a committee was made to identify and sort out the problems of farmers. Under the report he suggested the reasons for suicide and solutions to reduce their deaths. Government should also take steps to save our farmers, especially from the middlemen.

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