10 Lines on Female Foeticide

The world is run by man and woman both; be it “Manu” and “Shatrupa” or “Adam” and “Eve”. Men and women are equally required to run this world and absence of either of them will gradually lead the world towards destruction as no new life will take birth. People with orthodox mentality want a male child and female child is killed before it is born.

In India we consider a girl as image of “Devi” but what kind of worship we are going to offer her by female foeticide, this is not only a crime but also a sin in the eyes of god. The religious texts says that god resides in those houses where women are worshipped but people still kill the female child since they think them as a burden on the family and this thinking needs to be abolished immediately.

Ten Lines on Female Foeticide in English

We have provided ten lines on female foeticide in English. After reading these lines you will know that what is female foeticide, why female foeticide is done, what is the main reason of female foeticide, what argument a family gives for female foeticide, what a girl is considered in some families, what are the other factors of female foeticide, what is sex determination, what steps can be taken to curb female foeticide etc.

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10 Lines on Female Foeticide – Set 1

1) Female foeticide means killing a girl child in her mother’s womb before her birth.

2) Female foeticide takes place when the expectation of a boy child increases in a family.

3) The main reason for female foeticide is the preference of a boy child as Indian society is patriarchal, which is mostly governed by men.

4) People with orthodox mentality think that only a boy can carry their generations ahead not the girl.

5) In some conservative families girls are considered as a liability but a boy is understood as a blessing.

6) Gender discrimination among boys and girls where boys are considered superior to girls is also a factor of foeticide.

7) Female foeticide occurs in those countries which have lack of education and where anti- women tradition is practiced.

8) With the progress of science and technology “Sex Determination” is done to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl, which is made as a criminal offence.

9) To curb female foeticide government has ordered to seal clinics and hospitals and arrest doctors and families who are practicing it.

10) Social campaigns should be run by the government and NGOs to spread awareness against female foeticide and educate people.

We have provided another set of ten lines on female foeticide. After going through these lines, you will know that what female foeticide means, why female foeticide is done, what is the sex ratio of boys to girls, what is the sex ratio of Haryana and Punjab, what is ultrasound, what are causes of female foeticide, what are the actions which should be taken in order to end female foeticide etc.

These lines will enhance your knowledge on female foeticide and it will also be very useful in seminars as well as in your GK quiz competitions.

10 Lines on Female Foeticide – Set 2

1) Female foeticide is one of the crimes against women which do not let them to take birth and see this world.

2) In order to have a male child who will carry forward their generations, people kill the girl child before taking birth.

3) According to census of 2011, the girl-boy sex ratio is 940 girls per 1000 boys, a marginal increase from 933 in 2001.

4) Census of 2011 says that the states where female foeticide is highly practiced are Haryana and Punjab with 879 and 895 girls per 1000 boys, respectively.

5) The development in medical science has made easy now to know the sex of a child through ‘ultrasound’ which is highly responsible for female foeticide.

6) Eve teasing, molestation, rape and harassments against women should be completely abolished if we want to provide a safe place for women in our society.

7) High demand of dowry for the girl’s marriage is also one of the reasons of female foeticide.

8) Time has come to make laws against female foeticide stricter as people who practice this menace should think twice.

9) An special ultrasound machine should be developed which can only determine baby, not its sex.

10) All sections of society must come forward to spread educational awareness among masses to curb female foeticide.

To run the world we need equilibrium of boys as well as girls. In the year 2015 Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a campaign named “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”; this campaign was focused on saving the girl child and balancing the sex ratio of those states that are lagging far behind other states. #selfiewithdaughter was also a part of this campaign which was highly appreciated worldwide.

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