10 Lines on Family

Ups and downs in our lives are certain and temporary, but it is our family which supports us in every situation. We talk about many different topics but forget to talk about the family which plays the most important role in our life. We have written about family in the sets of 10 lines below. You should once check all of them.

Ten Lines on Family in English

I have provided below some sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Family for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Also, I have given video on Family to help you more on the topic. You can read and select the one that is best for you:

10 Lines on Family

1) A family is a group of members having a relationship by blood, marriage or adoption.

2) It is a selfless bond between the members, which leads to a healthy mutual relationship.

3) Family helps to provide everlasting support to its members for all the deeds of his life.

4) We learn our basics values and ethics of life from our family.

5) Family teaches us the importance of cooperation, loyalty and trust for building a social connection.

6) It helps us in evolving to a responsible individual by inculcating the virtue of our parents and siblings.

7) Though there may be internal issues in the family, at the time of emergency, they forget their issues and unite together.

8) In the time of any insecurities and fear, the family is the place where a person feels safe and secure.

9) The personality of an individual is a reflection of his family background.

10) Family is where every member cares about the other member and gives him the respect he deserves.

10 Lines and Sentences on Family

1) Family pays the most value to its member.

2) Family is very much important for the overall development of an individual.

3) Family teaches us the basic principles of life and nurtures us to become a responsible citizen.

4) A person feels loved and supported within his family, and it develops a sense of trust towards its members.

5) Every individual comes helpless in this world, but his family protects him to become self-reliant.

6) Family provides emotional support to its members during difficult times.

7) Joint family helps to instil the moral values, cooperation and sense of responsibility in its members.

8) With the rapid urbanization, the concept of the joint family seems to be lost, and the nuclear family had emerged.

9) Families should have the bond of love, sense of respect, care and internal unity to stay strong.

10) A united family with a strong bond will lead to a united society, thus helping to build a strong country.

5 Lines on Family

1) Family is a selfless bond of love.

2) A family is the real support system.

3) A family helps us in every difficult situation.

4) Family teaches us values and ethics.

5) A family can be nuclear or joint.

20 Lines on Family

1) A family never let us feel alone in any situation.

2) A family may consist of any number of members.

3) There are at least two persons in a family with every person being called a family member.

4) A family with a considerably large number of members is a ‘Joint Family’.

5) A joint family was common in olden times but rare in the modern world.

6) A family with one spouse and unmarried children is a ‘Conjugal or Nuclear Family’.

7) The present era is the era of Nuclear families which you can easily find everywhere.

8) According to Indian culture, the family holds a special position in one’s life.

9) Family gathering on some special occasions fills us with immense satisfaction and pleasure.

10) It is our family that never leave us in our problems and provides us with the best comfort.

11) A standard family consists of grandparents, parents and their children.

12) Members in a family share love, trust, compassion and support.

13) Our family loves us for what we are and always motivates us to be a better person.

14) Our family provides us with the support and security with that we need to go ahead in life.

15) Family provides us with assistance at the time and in the field that we have never been to before.

16) One can realize the value of family only when he/she is a little upset or has fallen sick.

17) Family is the only one which can provide us with the best guidance and treat.

18) Family is the centre of our life, no matter where we roam throughout the day.

19) Family provides us care, mental stability, financial security, guidance, education and other important things.

20) As you need your family, always remember that your family also needs you.

The deeds of an individual directly relate to the values of its family. Family plays an important role in shaping the future of a person. A healthy relationship in a family makes the family strong, which no force can easily disintegrate. We can tackle the biggest issue easily if you have a supportive family else it becomes difficult for an individual to face the hurdles of life. The family also affects the unity of a country because a family with a strong bond in a relationship is the foundation of a strong nation.

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