10 Lines on Election and Politics

Politics refers to the processes and activities which are involved in governing a particular area/state/country. Election and politics cannot be disintegrated especially in a democratic system of government. Election is essential for a political party so that it can involve itself in the governance of a country once it is chosen by the public.

Whenever elections are held in a country, it is always between the political parties who contest in the election to get into the power to govern the country.

The Electoral Agency in a country provides the recognition to the political parties, which is an important process in the country’s politics.

Various groups or leaders also form political parties and contest in the elections to get a platform to express their ideas and thoughts.

Ten Lines on Election and Politics in English

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10 Lines on Election and Politics – Set 1

1) Politics is all about the governance of a country or an area and taking important decisions for its welfare.

2) Election is a process, especially in a democratic country, through which the political parties are elected as the governing bodies.

3) Election gives an equal chance to each and every political party to contest against each other and undergo a healthy competition.

4) During election, the electoral agency lays out certain Code of Conduct for the political parties for a peaceful and ethical election campaigns.

5) In India, the Lok Sabha elections are conducted to decide the Prime Minister whereas State Assembly elections are held for electing the Chief Minister.

6) Governments are formed through elections which are normally conducted every five years though public voting.

7) The political party winning a certain number of seats in the election forms the government in the state or country.

8) Money laundering and financial frauds in political campaigns are very common during elections.

9) The Electoral Agency keeps a vigil on the financial statements of the political parties to conduct a clean and transparent election.

10) Elections are crucial for a country’s politics especially in a democratic system as it decides who will be involved in the governance process.

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10 Lines on Election and Politics – Set 2

1) Politics and election play an important role in a country since both are related with each others.

2) In a democratic country, it is the citizens who elect their representatives and send them to the governing body.

3) Without election it will not be possible to choose a public representative for the government which will cease the existence of democratic system.

4) A transparent and unbiased electoral process will always lead to a clean political system in a country.

5) It is also seen that tainted candidates also contest in the election and emerge successful which sets a bad example in the political system.

6) There is a need of electoral reforms which bans the tainted candidates from contesting in the elections.

7) During election, it is seen that there are lots of unethical blame game between political parties which lowers the graph of healthy competition.

8) For a healthy democracy, it is important that elections are conducted on the public welfare and country’s development issues instead of caste, creed or religion.

9) It is the prime responsibility of the voters that they vote for country’s development with an unbiased and nationalist approach.

10) Election can be termed as the backbone of country’s politics and it is necessary that it is conducted in a transparent way for a healthy government.

It is very common scenario during election that voters are lured and influenced by the political parties to win the election. Hence it is important that voters should use their own decision and cast their vote for the right candidate.

Elections can also be termed as the great festival of democracy and an event which could highly impact the country’s political system. A healthy competition during election is essential for a healthy politics in the country.