10 Lines on Election and Democracy

Election is considered as the pillar of democracy and it is one of the important political processes in a democratic nation. Democracy, on the other hand, is a system where the government is chosen and run by the people of the country. Hence election and democracy go hand in hand in every democratic country in the world.

A free and fair election is very important for the establishment of democracy in the country and accepting the opinion of the public. Democracy means the government for the people, of the people and by the people and election is a tool which helps to accomplish this. Election gives a platform to the people of a country so that they can voice their opinion in support or against the democratic government.

Ten Lines on Election and Democracy

Set 1

1) Democracy is a system in which the government in a country is chosen by its citizens through public voting.

2) Election supports democracy as it is the process through which the citizens of a country choose their representative.

3) Election acts as a way of safeguarding democracy in a country and avoiding it to head towards anarchy.

4) A free and fair election is a must else it will lose its value and trust of the people challenging democracy in a country.

5) If there is no election in a country, there will be no democracy which will ultimately lead to dictatorship.

6) Election makes the representatives in the democratic government accountable to the public as they can be voted out if not performed.

7) The government elected through public voting has to function according to the laws and constitution of the country which is essential for democracy.

8) Democratic elections are also important as without the election the government might make decisions that might oppress the citizens.

9) The best example of election and democracy can be seen in India where the government is chosen every 5 years through a free and fair election.

10) Election is also called as the backbone of democracy since it provides the needed support which makes the people vote freely for a better government.

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Set 2

1) Election and Democracy go hand in hand since elections are the backbone of democracy and democracy could not exist without an election.

2) In a democratic country, it is the people who decide the government for the country through elections and it is they who can uproot the incumbent one.

3) Election gives us the freedom to send our representatives to the parliament who takes major decisions for the welfare of the public.

4) The representatives express the demands of the citizen and talks for their rights and freedom which is essential for a democratic nation.

5) Public voting is the essence of democracy which gives the freedom to the people to vote for their favorite candidate in the election.

6) It also ensures that the voting is done in a fair way without any force or influence.

7) A free and fair election in a country is a sign of healthy democracy and reflects the positive mood of the people.

8) For a healthy democracy, the efficiency and transparency of the electoral agency also play a crucial role in conducting elections.

9) A country that has mature public, an efficient electoral process and a healthy political system will always have a successful establishment of democracy.

10) Election makes a government accountable and public friendly which works for the betterment of the country and its citizens.

Election and democracy are inter-related and one could not stand without the other one. Democracy provides power in the hands of the people and through the process of election people exercise their power for their welfare.

Election and democracy both are essential for the smooth functioning of the government and missing either of them will lead the country towards monarchy or anarchy form of government which will never focus on the welfare of its citizens.