10 Lines on Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a serious problem on the modern times. We have seen many people especially the younger generation indulging in drug addiction. Drug abuse is causing millions of illness and deaths across the world. Apart from having a health hazards it also causes various social evils like criminal offences, violence, child abuse etc. Drug abuse starts with a good feeling but slowly the person gets addicted to drugs leading to various issues.

Drug abuse is spreading in all over the world and it is trapping especially the youth and children, as they are considered as the future of a nation so by involving them in drug abuse means destroying the future of that country.

Ten Lines on Drug Abuse in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on drug abuse for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.. After reading these lines you will know that what is drug abuse, why a person uses drug, what is another name of drug abuse, what changes are seen due to regular use of drugs, what is another reason for using drugs, what are the problems which gives birth to drug abuse, what are the bad effects of drug abuse, what drug abusing can make a person.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. It will be very helpful to deliver a speech especially on the occasion of “International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking” which is celebrated on June 26 every year. It will also help you to write few lines on drug abuse or some lines on drug abuse:

10 Lines on Drug Abuse

1) Drug abuse happens when we use any kind of drug frequently which poses serious threat to our health.

2) A person uses drug to change his mood or to feel better, not for healthy purpose.

3) Drug abuse is also known as “Substance Abuse” where a person can get good feeling from anything which contains drug based chemical.

4) Regular use of drugs for a longer time results in a biological and behavioural change in a person.

5) Many people switch to drugs in order to curb their family issues or other personal problems.

6) Work pressure or target achieving and heavy competition also leads a person for drug abuse.

7) Loneliness is also a problem which causes drug abuse where a person has no friend or relative to whom he can share his feelings.

8) People generally start taking drugs due to too much stress but slowly they get addicted to drugs.

9) People who are totally abused to drugs have more suicidal tendency in comparison to a normal human.

10) Drug abuse can force a person to commit crime such as theft, robbery or even murder.

10 Lines and Sentences on Drug Abuse

1) Drug abuse is a chronic disease where a person who is taking drugs doesn’t know about the bad consequences of drugs.

2) India is also caught in this vicious circle of drug abuse, people especially the youth are getting more involved in this thing.

3) It was started as a casual habit among the richer class of society but it has deeply penetrated in every section of society.

4) According to UN report in India, the official number of heroin addict is 1 million and unofficially it can cross up to 5 million.

5) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment’s data says that 46410 cases of drug abuse by street children were registered in the year 2017.

6) An estimate says that more than two-third of the families in Punjab has at least one drug abuser.

7) The same estimate says that approximately 80000 youth of 15 to 35 years in Punjab are trapped in drug abuse.

8) To cure drug abuse, it requires will power but if decided to get rid of this problem one must consult a doctor.

9) Anybody who is facing problems due to drug abuse must be taken to rehabilitation centre for treatment and caring.

10) The government and police administration must work together to arrest the culprits who are spreading drug abuse among youth.

5 Lines on Drug Abuse

1) Drug abuse means using drugs frequently.

2) It is very harmful to our health.

3) Drug changes the way a person behaves.

4) Drugs are taken by people who got addicted.

5) Some drugs are legal while some are illegal.

20 Lines on Drug Abuse

1) Drug abuse refers to the addiction of prescribed, illegal or over the counter drugs.

2) Drug abuse has a negative effect on a person’s physical and mental health as well as social life.

3) Sometimes the family history of drug addiction plays a significant role in drug abuse.

4) Drug abuse involves smoking, injecting, sniffing or ingesting illegal or over the counter drug.

5) When a drug is consumed, it rushes dopamine into your brain, having you wanting for more.

6) Drug abuse depletes a person’s natural mental ability to think and perceive.

7) When addicted, the consumption of drug becomes the addict’s first priority over anything else.

8) Addicted person slowly draws away from social life and becomes isolated from outer world.

9) Drug abused can be caught by self or under the influence of friends already taking drugs.

10) Victims of drug abuse need expert medical care and emotional support from family and friends.

11) Drug abuse is a serious problem that concerns the general public health.

12) Every year drug abuse causes millions of injuries and hospitalization, all over the world.

13) Some of the most commonly abused drugs are Cocaine, Heroin, Steroids, and Marijuana etc.

14) Drug abuse may trigger other crimes such as child abuse, theft, robbery and also homelessness.

15) There are many treatments for drug abuse but the best is to prevent it in first place.

16) Continuous drug abuse may lead to addiction, having severe physiological and psychological effects.

17) Often a victim of drug abuse isn’t aware of the harmful effects and takes drugs for pleasure.

18) Taking sleeping pills beyond the prescribed limit is also a kind of drug abuse.

19) Drug abuse poses the risk of a weaken immune system resulting in illness.

20) Serious drug abuse can cause seizures, nervous breakdown and coma.

Drug abuse is that kind of menace which is taking lives of many youths leaving their families in a miserable condition. Many mothers and fathers have seen their young children dying in front of their eyes, many wives became widow and many children became orphan.

Drug abuse starts as a trial and slowly it becomes a habit leading to addiction. Government and police should take strict action against the culprits who are involved in supplying drugs. Those who are trapped in drug abuse must be sent to rehabilitation centre for treatment so that they can lead a prosperous life afterwards.

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