10 Lines on Dr. Salim Ali

Dr. Salim Ali was of few those Indians who have lived very close to nature throughout their entire life. We can read about him through his autobiography. But because we don’t have his autobiography available right now, you can read about him through some sets of 10 lines on Dr. Salim Ali below. So let’s start.

Ten Lines on Dr. Salim Ali

Set – 1

1) Dr. Salim Ali was a very popular ornithologist of India.

2) He had born on 12 November 1896 in Bombay of British India.

3) He had lost his father and mother in his early childhood.

4) Though he was admitted to St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai but couldn’t complete his education.

5) It was Walter Samuel Millard who inspired him to study birds.

6) He started writing about birds in his diary from barely ten years of age.

7) In 1918, he married to Tehmina Begum.

8) For his researches, he received Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan in the years 1958 and 1976 respectively.

9) Apart from these, he was conferred with many degrees and awards by various institutions.

10) Dr. Salim Ali died on 20 June 1987 in hometown Bombay.

Set – 2

1) Dr. Salim Ali was popular as the ‘Birdman of India’ across the world.

2) He started saving birds after he had shot a sparrow with his sport gun in his childhood.

3) After his marriage, his wife Tehmina Begum helped him in his researches.

4) His wife Tehmina Begum died in 1939.

5) Apart from birds, he had also his interest in motorcycles and had a collection of costlier of them.

6) He wrote his autobiography with the title ‘The Fall of a Sparrow’.

7) His autobiography was published in the year 1985.

8) Dr. Salim Ali was probably the first ornithologist of India.

9) Along with his autobiography, he also wrote many other books.

10) He had revived Bombay Natural History Society by asking for the fund from then Prime Minister of India.

Dr. Salim Ali’s life has changed many phases in those few years. He had got his interest in birds very early in his childhood. Despite so many diverse fields, he worked in every field sincerely and drew respect from people. His life journey is not less than a motivation for all of us. The above sets have inspired us to read his autobiography once as soon as possible.

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