10 Lines on Disease

Our health is our identity. If we are healthy, it will reflect from our face through a pretty smile. A sick person has a very dull face with no smile. Nobody likes to have a company of a sick person. Here we have provided some sets of 10 lines on ‘Disease’ which may help you in finding more about the topic. Why don’t you check all of them right now?

Ten Lines on Disease in English

Some well worded sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Disease for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are given below to help them in their study , exams and school assignments. Just go through these lines and select the one of your choice:

10 Lines on Disease

1) The disease is an abnormal condition which affects the functioning of the whole body.

2) It may cause some internal issues or the introduction of pathogens through some external injury.

3) We can divide diseases into two types as physical and mental.

4) Diseases can cause some abnormal physical conditions such as pain, distress, dysfunction and sometimes death.

5) There are two types of disease as communicable and non-communicable.

6) Communicable or infectious diseases spread from person to person through physical contact, air or by insect bites etc.

7) Non-communicable diseases do not cause by infections, like diabetes, heart problems, cancer etc.

8) ‘Pathology’ is the term used for the study of diseases.

9) Diseases can mainly cause by infections, malnutrition and various other factors.

10) An infectious disease which spreads rapidly in a very short period is an epidemic.

10 Lines and Sentences on Disease

1) There are mainly four types of diseases as Infectious, Deficiency, Hereditary and Psychological.

2) Infectious diseases spread through infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses and germs.

3) Deficiency diseases arise due to loss of some healthy nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals etc.

4) Hereditary diseases rise from some genetically inherited disorders.

5) Psychological diseases or mental disorders significantly affect thinking, behaviour, mentality, feeling, mood etc.

6) Human beings, animals and plants all are vulnerable to diseases.

7) Some diseases don’t impose any serious complications and can be cured completely after treatment.

8) There are various factors responsible for causing diseases such as poor water supply, lack of proper sanitation, lack of healthy food and weather conditions.

9) Poor hygienic condition always invites diseases, causing several deaths and sufferings to the common man.

10) According to the WHO, seven Indian cities top the pollution rankings among 500 cities of the world.

5 Lines on Disease

1) It is abnormal functioning of any organ.

2) It is harmful to our bodies.

3) It makes our body weak.

4) Diseases can be acute or chronic.

5) We can fight disease through medicines.

20 Lines on Disease

1) The disease is a physical or functional disorder of any organ of a human or an animal body.

2) Disease negatively affects the body and makes it unable to work properly.

3) Some diseases come from an origin, while many are hard to diagnose in the beginning.

4) Every disease has its symptoms and specific treatment.

5) There are two types of diseases as communicable diseases and non-communicable disease.

6) Generally, all the diseases come with pain, fatigue and weakness and sometimes dizziness.

7) Diseases are curable but only if diagnosed on time.

8) We can prevent diseases by proper sanitation, nutrition, diet, exercise and vaccination.

9) Every disease requires a proper set of treatments to cure completely.

10) For curing a disease completely, it is very important to follow the advice of the experts.

11) The dysfunctional behaviour of any organ of the body is a disease.

12) Diseases are always harmful to our body and also to the people around us.

13) Diseases like AIDS, Measles, Flu, Dengue etc. are infectious and can spread by contact.

14) Pollution of air, water and soil is also a reason for various deadly diseases in human.

15) Diseases are not good for the economic growth of a nation.

16) The disease can occur in any living being like trees, plants, animals and human.

17) We can prevent diseases by increasing the Immune system of the body.

18) Some diseases arise from animals like Rabies from Dog and Swine Flu from Pigs.

19) Regular exercise and a proper diet can help in staying away from disease.

20) Diseases are never good for our health so try to prevent them as much as possible.

We observe various disease awareness days throughout the year, whether it is World AIDS Day on 1st December or World Cancer Day on 4th February. The significance of these will come in the true sense only when we will wage a war against these with the dream of a healthy and safe world. Then only we will be able to stop the diseases from spreading further and can achieve good health.

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