10 Lines on Discipline

Discipline is very important for everybody in whatever field he may be. Discipline means to lead our life with proper rules and regulations. Manners and etiquettes are the parts of discipline. Discipline teaches us how to live in the home as well outside. It also showcases us as a gentleman in the society.

We learn discipline from the starting of our life. Our parents in our home, teachers in schools and our elders teach us discipline so that we could become a gentleman. Discipline makes us to behave in a controlled manner and to obey the rules and regulations in a proper way. It is the most important thing which helps us to progress in our lives.

Ten Lines on Discipline in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on discipline in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After reading these lines you will know that what discipline is, what discipline includes, in what way discipline helps us, what discipline directs us, what people think about discipline, what discipline generates, what are some examples of discipline etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. These lines will help you to write essay on value of discipline, importance of discipline essay or to write few lines on discipline.

10 Lines on Discipline

1) Discipline means living the life with proper rules and regulations.

2) It includes rules, regulations, manners and etiquettes which shape our life.

3) Discipline in life helps us to improve our habits and personality.

4) Discipline directs us to adopt right principles and become successful in our life.

5) It is also believed that a disciplined life is necessary to be a good citizen of the country.

6) It helps to generates self-confidence and self-control in our life.

7) Getting up early, exercising, taking healthy foods and staying away from bad habits is also a part of disciplined life.

8) Discipline in our eating habits also helps us to stay fit and healthy.

9) Respecting others and being obedient is the principle of discipline.

10) Discipline in language helps us to talk with people in a decent and respectful way.

10 Lines and Sentences on Discipline

1) The meaning of discipline is behaving in a set pattern and working with regularity.

2) Discipline is a very necessary tool for a person in every walk of life either at home or outside.

3) Indiscipline makes our life aimless and we lose the goal of our life.

4) Indiscipline causes confusion and chaos in life whereas discipline causes peace and harmony.

5) There are two types of discipline first is “Induced Discipline” which we learn from the indiscipline of others.

6) Second one is “Self-Discipline” which is generated in our own mind and helps us to control our behaviour.

7) We can see discipline in nature also; summer, monsoon and winter seasons come and go with their time.

8) It was the discipline of Mahatma Gandhi which led the way of the nation to achieve independence through non-violence.

9) Discipline is also important for a nation’s development by carrying and completing all the tasks within time limits.

10) The role of citizens is also important as their discipline towards work and life makes their country strong and resilient.

5 Lines on Discipline

1) Discipline means following rules and regulations.

2) It helps to generate good habits.

3) It helps to attain success.

4) Discipline makes us good people.

5) Discipline is important in everyone’s life.

20 Lines on Discipline

1) Discipline in student’s life is very important as it helps him to achieve his career goals.

2) Being in discipline means following a set of certain rules, regulations and showcasing a proper code of behavior.

3) A disciplined lifestyle always leads to success, be it academic, health, business or profession.

4) As a student, discipline acts as a driving principle which safeguards us from going on a wrong path.

5) Discipline acts as a canal which channelizes the character of a person in a right direction.

6) Discipline makes our life in a proper routine and helps to follow a predefined code of conduct.

7) Discipline in our food habit safeguards us from various diseases helps to lead a longer and healthy life.

8) If a strict regime of discipline is followed by the people of India then no one could stop us from becoming the super power of the world.

9) Parents and family play an important role in developing the sense of discipline in the child which helps to shape his overall personality.

10) Discipline will always lead your way to the success whereas indiscipline will always pose a set of new problems and issues in your life.

11) Discipline always plays a crucial role in everyone’s personal as well as social life.

12) Discipline also helps in nation building and there are many countries which have developed because of strict laws in their country.

13) In corporate world, completing the given task on time, devoting to the work and good time management showcases strict professional discipline at work.

14) Not playing music on high volume, maintaining queue at public places, throwing garbage only in dustbins are few examples of social discipline.

15) Following a strict dietary regime, timely exercise and staying away from drug abuse shows the disciplined life of a sportsperson.

16) Self Discipline always requires a strong will power and strong control over mind and if it is achieved then it will definitely lead you to success.

17) To follow the strict discipline, you always need a goal and commitment towards it and ultimately it will lead you to follow strict discipline.

18) If you have a goal, you will automatically stay away from materialistic desires and follow a strict routine and code of conduct in your behavior.

19) Discipline helps you to come out of your comfort zone and in overcoming your weaknesses by self improvement.

20) Discipline helps to increase our efficiency and productivity by making us more focused and dedicated.

10 Lines on Discipline

We have lots of examples of successful people who achieved success by practicing discipline in their life. Becoming successful is not a big deal, what it exactly needs is the power of discipline. A person who is disciplined gets respect in the society and always admired for his rules and regulations and also sets an example for others. Discipline also inspires others and brings positive attitude in our lives.

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