10 Lines on Crocodile

You must have seen a crocodile of you have ever visited any Zoo or a wild-life reserve. Watching them is a fun. Reading about them is as much fun as watching them. We have created some sets of 10 lines on Crocodile and provided below. You can read them and gain some advance information about crocodiles. So let’s begin right now.

Ten Lines on Crocodile in English

We are giving below some sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Crocodile in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After going through these lines, you will know more about the Crocodile.

10 Lines on Crocodile

1) The crocodile belongs to the family of Alligators.

2) It is an amphibian and can survive on land as well as underwater.

3) There are various types of crocodiles like Salt-Water crocodile, Orinoco crocodile, and Cuban crocodile, etc.

4) The crocodiles eat the flesh of humans, birds, animals, and marine creatures.

5) They have got hard and dry skin to protect themselves from the attack of predators.

6) They are usually found near large water bodies like lakes, rivers, oceans, and seas.

7) They have sharp pointed teeth to bite the flesh easily.

8) Their teeth are not made for chewing, so they swallow their prey completely.

9) They don’t have a specific size as the different species of crocodile has a different length.

10) They also vary in lifespan, but most of them live for more than 70 years.

10 Lines and Sentences on Crocodile

1) The crocodile is a reptile, and it lays eggs.

2) Because of being an amphibian, it is capable of swimming efficiently in water.

3) The crocodiles are usually seen opened their mouth to cool their body temperature.

4) They usually have 80 different kinds of teeth in their mouth.

5) Eyes on the top of their head help them in hiding underwater to look for their prey.

6) They are nocturnal, and their night vision makes them a good predator also in the night.

7) As compare to land, crocodiles and move faster underwater.

8) Crocodiles can be the prey of big cats and large snakes like Python.

9) Their strong jaws help them in killing their prey in a single attack.

10) Most of the species of Crocodile are facing the threat of extinction in modern times.

10 Lines on Crocodile

5 Lines on Crocodile

1) A crocodile is a reptile.

2) They live in water.

3) They have four legs.

4) They have hard outer skin.

5) They have strong jaws.

20 Lines on Crocodile

1) Crocodile is stated as the successors of dinosaurs on earth.

2) Crocodile uses sounds like hiss, growl, grunt, etc. to communicate.

3) Crocodile has a great curiosity of learning new things.

4) Crocodile sense its prey by the sensitive receptors present in the scaly skin near the mouth.

5) Crocodile being nocturnal remain active in the dark.

6) The sweat glands are not present in crocodile.

7) It has an immovable tongue that is attached to a membrane in the mouth.

8) Human activities have resulted in the extinction of several living species of crocodiles.

9) The average lifespan of a crocodile is 50-80 years.

10) World Crocodile Day is celebrated on 17th June every year to make people aware of the condition of crocodiles in the world.

11) Crocodile is the largest reptile on earth and belong to the family Crocodylidae.

12) It is an amphibian so it spends its life partially on land and partially in the water.

13) It is adapted to both freshwater and saltwater.

14) The body color and pattern of the crocodile differ depending on the type of species.

15) Crocodile breathe by placing its head outside the water.

16) It applies smart tactics to catch its prey.

17) It uses its jaws for catching the prey and keeps holding them in it till their death.

18) The male crocodile can be easily differentiated as they are larger in size than the females.

19) 10-80 eggs are laid by a female crocodile at one time.

20) The baby crocodile is called as hatchling.

Crocodiles are very important for natural balance. They maintain biodiversity and contribute to the food cycle. Man of the modern time is killing them to meet their need like food, skin, teeth, and organs of crocodiles. We should always take this matter seriously, and think about conserving them through various means.

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