10 Lines on Crocodile

We have seen crocodiles when we visit a zoo; a long reptile opening his mouth suddenly enters into the water. As we know that crocodile is a water animal which can’t live on the land for a longer time. We have also seen some crocodiles on banks of river, lakes, ponds etc, where lots of crocodiles relax and they look so still that anybody will consider them as dead. Crocodiles are best known for their hunting skills. They attack their prey all of sudden and kill it.

It is said that when a crocodile comes into water, it becomes more powerful in comparison to an elephant on the land. Their jaws are so strong that once a crocodile catches a prey it is almost impossible to get rid of its jaws.

Ten Lines on Crocodile in English

We are providing a set of ten lines on crocodile in English. After reading these lines you will come to know that what is a crocodile, where crocodiles are found, what is the length of a crocodile, how a crocodile looks, what is the physical appearance of a crocodile, what a crocodile eats, how crocodiles eat their food etc.

You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in your exam and competition in school. It will also help you to write 10 lines on crocodile for class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4. It will also increase your knowledge on the crocodile and you can easily write a short essay on crocodile using these lines. The facts on crocodile given below will help you to complete your assignments on this animal.

10 Lines on Crocodile – Set 1

1) A crocodile is a large amphibious reptile i.e. it can live in water as well as on land both.

2) Crocodiles are found in different parts of Asian, African, American and Australian continents and mainly found in rivers, lakes, ponds etc.

3) On an average, a crocodile can grow up to a length of 20 feet to a minimum of 6 feet.

4) Crocodiles have large body with short legs along with a long muscular tail.

5) Crocodiles have a thick, tough and leathery layer of skin which protects their body from external attack.

6) The teeth of every crocodile are pointed, conical shaped and are located outside their jaws.

7) The head of crocodile is long and pointed with their eyes and nose positioned on the top of their head.

8) A crocodile is a carnivorous animal i.e. it eats both water as well as land animals.

9) Crocodiles don’t chew their food; they tear the flesh and then swallow the small bites of it.

10) Sometimes crocodiles swallow stones to make sure about the faster digestion of the food in their stomach.

We are providing another set of ten lines on crocodile which will be very helpful in your essay writing or paragraph on crocodile. After going through these lines, you will come to know that how many species of a crocodile are in the world, which is smallest and the largest crocodile in size, when was the first crocodile lived on earth, why crocodiles keep their mouth open, what is specialty of crocodile’s jaws, what is the speed of crocodile while swimming, what is the average life of a crocodile, how many eggs a crocodile gives etc.

10 Lines on Crocodile – Set 2

1) There are some 13 to 20 species of crocodiles which are known to the world, among these, 7 species are dangerous to human beings.

2) “African Dwarf Crocodile” is the shortest having 6 feet of length and “Saltwater Crocodile” is the longest with the length of 20 feet.

3) The crocodiles which lived around 250 million years ago were very big from today’s crocodiles.

4) Crocodiles are often seen with their mouth wide open, they open their jaws to cool themselves as they don’t sweat.

5) Crocodiles have strongest bite on earth; muscles which help to close their jaws are stronger than muscles which open their jaws.

6) Crocodiles have excellent eyesight especially during the night time, that’s why they hunt more in night than in day time.

7) Crocodile can swim at the speed of 40 kmph with the help of their powerful tail.

8) On an average a crocodile can live up to 60 years, first crocodile on this earth lived up to 80 years.

9) Crocodiles lay 20 to 30 eggs at a time and to take care of the eggs by themselves for first 3 months.

10) 99 percent of young crocodiles are eaten by large Fishes, Hyenas, Monitor Lizards etc.

Crocodiles are silent killer; they swim in the water so secretly that the animal which is drinking water on the river banks doesn’t know about a crocodile’s presence. That’s the way a crocodile hunts. Nowadays excessive poaching of crocodiles has made them almost extinct species. They are hunted for their skins and organs as the value of these things are very high in the international market. People use the crocodile’s skin as cloths which are considered as high standards.