10 Lines on Penguin

Penguins are the birds which are especially found in cold regions of Antarctic islands. The word or name ‘penguin’ is derived from two words i.e. ‘Pen’ means ‘Head’ and ‘Gwyn’ means ‘White’. Penguins are flightless birds i.e. they cannot fly in the sky, instead they can fly or swim fast deep inside the seas and oceans with the help of their wings.

Antarctica is the only region where nothing grows and nobody lives there except the penguins. Penguins have that kind of biological structure which enables them to live and survive in those extreme conditions.

Ten Lines on Penguin in English

We have provided ten lines on penguin in English. After reading these lines you will come to know, what is a penguin, where penguins are found, how a penguin looks, how penguins save themselves from attackers, what penguins eat, why penguins don’t feel any taste and how they eat, how penguins give birth to their offspring, how many species of penguins are in the world etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. It will also enhance your knowledge on this flightless bird and the information can be used in putting on your notice board under the topic ‘Facts about Penguins’ or can be used in the assembly discussions.

10 Lines on Penguin

1) Penguins are the sea-birds which live only in the cold areas and in countries of Southern Hemisphere.

2) Penguins are mainly found in the regions of Antarctica, New Zealand, South Australia and parts of South America.

3) Penguins have a white belly with black back and have black wings as well as portion of their head and beak is also black.

4) The combination of white and black colours on penguins is used as a camouflage which safeguards them from attackers.

5) Penguins cannot fly in the air however they use their wings to swim extremely fast underwater.

6) Penguins eat krill, small fishes, squids and other animals of the sea whichever they could get.

7) Penguins swallow their food and they lack sense of taste as they do not have genes which sense taste.

8) Each penguin makes a unique voice and it is used to recognise each other.

9) Penguins lay their eggs on land or ice to give birth to their offspring.

10) There are 15 to 20 species of penguins which are known to the world.

10 Lines and Sentences on Penguin

1) There are around 12 million penguins across the globe and their huge population is found in Antarctica.

2) ‘Emperor Penguin’ is the largest penguin with height of 3 feet 7 inch and ‘Little Blue Penguin’ is the smallest with just 16 inch height.

3) Generally, penguins live the sea but they come on ice or land to lay eggs and to live for a shorter duration.

4) In some species male penguins hatch the eggs while the female penguins go for hunting purpose.

5) Penguins can dive in the water up to 250 m to get food whereas female emperor penguin can dive up to 535 m.

6) ‘Gentoo Penguin’ is the species which can swim fast with a speed of 35 km per hour.

7) Generally, the life span of an emperor penguin is around 20 years but the little blue penguin may lives only up to 6 years.

8) Research says that penguins have been living on earth some 60 million years ago i.e. penguins are surviving even after extinction of dinosaurs.

9) Penguins remove all their feathers from their body in one go than in comparison to other birds which take few weeks or months.

10) In Antarctica penguins can be found in good numbers but in other places climatic change has decreased their population.

10 Lines on Penguin

5 Lines on 20 Lines on Penguin

1) Penguin is a bird.

2) They can’t fly.

3) Penguins can swim.

4) They are found in cold regions.

5) They are black with white bellies.

20 Lines on 20 Lines on Penguin

1) Penguin is an aquatic bird that belongs to the family Spheniscidae.

2) It spends its entire life in water and land nearby the water bodies.

3) Penguin lack the capability of flying that a characteristic feature of all birds.

4) It is known to be excellent swimmers.

5) A large head, long body with tapered ends, and short tail are the body features of a penguin.

6) A penguin can live up to 15-20 years of age.

7) Penguin is capable of surviving in different climatic conditions.

8) It is found in every continent of the southern hemisphere.

9) Penguin feeds on fishes and several sea animals.

10) It is featured in most cartoon characters and fiction movies.

11) Penguin is the most fascinating creature that appears like that of a gentleman.

12) There are approximately 15-20 living species of penguins in the world.

13) Emperor penguin is stated as the largest species while little blue penguin is the smallest.

14) It is the most friendly-natured bird and lives in flocks.

15) The wings of penguin are modified as flippers that help it in swimming.

16) The escaping speed of about 36km/hr makes the Gentoo penguin the fastest aquatic bird.

17) Penguins have an extra fat layer called blubbers that prevent them from cold conditions.

18) The offspring of penguins are called chicks.

19) The body color of the penguin acts as a defense mechanism to protect them from predators.

20) The degradation of the environment by human beings is posing a great threat to penguins.

Penguins are found in large numbers in the Antarctic region. Generally, they have no hunters or attackers on the ice but they are attacked under the sea by leopard seals, sharks, and other predators. Overfishing, climate change, and pollution in seas have adversely affected the survival of penguins. It is the time when we have to reduce our carbon footprints so that other species could survive and flourish on earth.

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