10 Lines on Crime and Punishment

Today, the crime rate is increasing in the world. Every country is trying to control crime rates to ensure safety of the public. In India, NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) was set up in 1986. Its duty is to hold necessary crime data which can be later used for investigation purposes. Laws and jurisdiction are responsible for allotment of punishment. Various law enforcement has been applied to decrease crime from the country.

Ten Lines on Crime and Punishment in English

Here, I’m providing sets of ten lines on Crime and Punishment and  I have tried to keep language very easy so that you can understand this topic quickly.

Set 1

1) Any illegal activity that can harm another person is termed as a crime.

2) The person who commits crime is known as a criminal.

3) Criminals can be punished by the law for committing crime.

4) The world of criminals is termed as underworld.

5) Murder, assault, rape, kidnapping, robbery, etc. are some major crimes.

6) Punishment refers to the penalty for doing something against rules.

7) Different punishments are given for different crimes.

8) Incapacitation, deterrence, retribution, rehabilitation and restoration are the five major criminal punishments.

9) The study of crime is known as Criminology.

10) However, the study of punishment for the crime is known as Penology.

Set 2

1) Crime can harm a person, group or community.

2) The person who is harmed by the illegal act of a criminal is called a victim.

3) Performing crime through the internet is termed as Cybercrime.

4) Judges are responsible for deciding punishments.

5) Punishments are introduced to reduce crime rate.

6) Every country has different punishments for different crimes.

7) There are five major punishments as per section 53 under Indian Penal Code (IPC).

8) Death, life imprisonment, simple or rigorous imprisonment, fine and forfeiture of property are the punishments in India.

9) Punishments like life imprisonment for murder (IPC 307), rigorous imprisonment for robbery (IPC 392), imprisonment for kidnapping (IPC 363), etc. are given in India.

10) Crime and Punishment is a famous novel written by Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Crime and Punishment are the fields which are responsible for maintaining peace in the country. According to NCRB, the Indian crime rate in 2018 was 383.5. However, there had been an increase in 2019 by 385.5, followed by 383.8 in 2020. The most crime cases are reported from the state of Chennai in 2020, followed by Delhi. Kolkata is considered as the safest metro city in the year 2020 with 129.5 offences reported per 1 lakh people.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Crime and Punishment

Q.1 Which country has the lowest crime rate?

Ans. Iceland is considered as the most peaceful country with lowest crime rate in the world.

Q.2 Which country has the highest crime rate?

Ans. Venezuela has the highest crime rate in the world with a crime index of 83.76.