10 Lines on Covid Appropriate Behavior

The pandemic situation due to Coronavirus has become a dreadful challenge before the world. The researches are continued in the whole world for getting a solution to get completely rid of the pandemic. The entire world is suffering from the consequences of Covid-19. The government has provided us some guidelines and preventive measures for safety against the spreading of the corona virus.

The fight against Covid-19 can be only won by the world if we follow the preventive measures and make others follow the same. We have bought some sets of 10 lines and hope you will find them useful.

Ten Lines on Covid Appropriate Behavior

Set – 1

1) Don’t shake hands, instead, say ‘Namaste’.

2) Always maintain a distance of 6 feet or 2 meters at public places.

3) Don’t forget to wear your mask whenever you step out of your home.

4) Don’t touch your mask again and again.

5) Don’t travel unless it is very necessary.

6) Wash your hands with any soap for at least 20 seconds to kill all germs.

7) Don’t touch your eye, mouth, nose unnecessarily, or frequently.

8) Avoid public gathering and meeting people unnecessarily.

9) Don’t believe in fake news and create panic, call on helpline number, and figure out the truth.

10) Promote indoor games or you can also play in your garden instead of public parks or grounds.

Set – 2

1) Stay at home and don’t go outside unless it is very necessary.

2) Always keep sanitizers with you whenever you go outside.

3) Don’t ever forget wearing a mask when you are going out from home.

4) Promote social distancing and maintain a distance of 2 meters.

5) Avoid public places and crowded areas.

6) Don’t hang out with your friends, for your as well as their good health.

7) Learn to say ‘Namaste’ instead of shaking hands.

8) Always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with any soap, frequently.

9) Take care of your health and eat good food to boost your immune system.

10) Help the poor and the needy but with caution.

Set – 3

1) We should avoid physical contact while greeting others.

2) The physical distance of 6 feet should be maintained in public places and gatherings avoided.

3) Frequent washing of hands by soap must be done to get rid of germs along with cleaning of open surfaces.

4) We should avoid touching our eyes, nose, mouth, and maintain our respiratory hygiene.

5) Spitting should be avoided in public places as it may be harmful to us and others too.

6) Travelling to be avoided until it is necessary and the number of guests should be minimized in functions.

7) Do not hate the sufferers of Covid-19 but support and encourage them to get well soon.         

8) Any fake information about Covid-19 must not be rolled out and necessary information must be obtained from a proper source. 

9) Refer to Psychosocial advice for any query or stress regarding Covid-19 and download the Arogya Setu app.

10) We can call the toll-free numbers for any query or appearance of the symptoms of Covid-19.

Set – 4

1) Physical contact must be avoided while greeting and maintain a distance of 6 feet from others.

2) We should not discriminate against the people suffering from Covid but support them.

3) Clean the frequently touched surfaces regularly as they get contaminated.

4) The hands must be cleaned regularly with soaps or sanitizers.

5) Do not touch the eyes, nose, and mouth needlessly, and avoid spitting in public places.

6) We should maintain our respiratory hygiene and always wear a reusable mask.

7) Information on Covid-19 must be read from relevant sources and avoid crowding at any place.

8) Travelling must be avoided and few guests must be invited to non-postponed functions.

9) Queries and anxiety can be resolved by calling the toll free number and taking psychosocial advice.

10) We should not spread any false information on Covid-19.

It is very necessary to adopt some habits to stay safe in the pandemic. Covid appropriate behavior should be adopted even post-pandemic because a single infected person is enough to spread this disease again. Many countries are facing the second wave of this pandemic. So, develop these good habits and stay safe from this pandemic.