10 Lines on World Buddhist Flag Day

Every year people celebrate world Buddhist Flag Day on 8 January. I have bought some sets of 10 lines on this topic describing the significance behind celebrating this worldwide day with great enthusiasm. I hope you will find it informative.

Ten Lines on World Buddhist Flag Day 2021

Set – 1

1) 8 January is celebrated as world Buddhist Flag Day in the entire Buddhist community.

2) It was the year 1880 when the Buddhist Flag was designed for the first time.

3) Mr. J.R. de Silva and Colonel Henry Steele Olcott an American journalist designed the flag.

4) The Buddhist Flag has six different colors.

5) The colors used in the flag were found around Buddha’s body after Enlightenment.

6) Buddhist’s flag is the symbol of unity, faith, and peace.

7) This flag was hoisted for the first time in Sri Lanka in the year 1885.

8) In the year 1952, this flag was also adopted by the World Buddhist Congress.

9) It contains yellow, red, white, orange, blue and the sixth color is the mixture of all these 5 colors.

10) All colors are shown in horizontal and vertical stripes.

Set – 2

1) 8 January is celebrated as the World Buddhist Flag Day.

2) Mr. J.R. de Silva and Colonel Henry Steele Olcott are known as the great designers of this flag.

3) On this day in the year 1880, the Buddhist flag was designed for the first time.

4) After its introduction in 1880, it was hoisted for the first time in the year 1885 in Sri Lanka.

5) The flag is used in 60 different countries by the followers of Buddha.

6) This flag represents faith, peace, equality regarding nationality, skin color, cast, etc.

7) It contains 6 colors and these colors were found around Buddha after his Enlightenment.

8) These six colors are red, yellow, orange, white, blue, and the last one is a mixture of these five colors.

9) All of these colors represent different things.

10) The World Buddhist Congress also adopted this flag in 1952.

Set – 3

1) The world Buddhist Flag Day is observed on 8th January every year.

2) The Buddhist flag was first hoisted in Sri Lanka on this date in 1885.

3) It was the first Buddhist significant flag to represent entire Buddhism in the world.

4) It consists of five colors in vertical stripes and the sixth stripe is the integration of the first five colors.

5) The blue color signifies love and compassion.

6) The Yellow color signifies the middle way that is the eightfold path for ultimate happiness.

7) The red color of the flag signifies achievement, wisdom, virtue, and social welfare.

8) The white color of the flag signifies the purity of Dhamma and freedom of mind.

9) The orange color of the flag signifies the wisdom of Buddha’s teachings.

10) The vertical band on the flag containing all the colors represents the Truth of Buddha’s teaching.

A flag is a symbol of unity and this is the reason why every community or nation has its own flag. Gautama Buddha was very well known for his thoughts and his flag also denotes the same. It encourages people to come forward and adopt good behavior and contribute their part in the development of society as well as themselves as a great person.