10 Lines on Conservation of Nature

Nature has provided us with many resources for our survival like air, water, soil, fuels etc. We all take benefit of them, and no doubt they have made our life much easier. But we should remember that these resources all not unlimited and will exhaust one day. So we strictly need to think about the conservation of nature. We have created some sets of 10 lines on it which can deliver you more information but only when you’ll read all of them. So let’s start

Ten Lines on Conservation of Nature in English

Some well worded sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Conservation of Nature for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are given below to help them in their study , exams and school assignments. Just go through these lines and select the one of your choice:

10 Lines on Conservation of Nature

1) An attempt to protect, maintain and balance the ecosystem and biodiversity is the conservation of nature.

2) We can work in this field only after creating an awareness of the environment.

3) It transfers into both individual and collective actions in various human activities, which has a direct link with nature such as agriculture, forest, farming etc.

4) The concept of conservation of nature depends on the reasonable management of resources.

5) The concept of conservation of nature came into existence after the formation of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

6) In the year 2000, 193 countries under the aegis of UN adopted “Millennium Development Goals”; the seventh goal describes the efforts to conserve nature.

7) Conservation of nature refers to the conservation of those resources which are available naturally.

8) Conservation is very much necessary to have equilibrium in the environment.

9) To ensure the abundance of natural resources for every living being, conservation is very necessary.

10) We have to understand that nature is the main sources of our daily needs, and it is our prime responsibility to conserve it.

10 Lines and Sentences on Conservation of Nature

1) Conservation of nature refers to the optimum utilization of resources.

2) It means to preserve the crucial and sensitive natural flora and fauna of the ecosystems against any human damage.

3) Human beings must protect nature and use resources according to our requirements.

4) Nature provides us according to our need, not our greed, so we must not be selfish to use natural resources.

5) In 2016, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Living Planet Report mentioned the rapid decrease in the variety of animals and vegetal species.

6) These are the signals which Mother Nature is giving us regarding depleting natural resources and degradation of nature.

7) The furious forms of nature have resulted in floods, heavy rainfall and also scanty rainfall, causing the extinction of many species.

8) There are four types of natural resources namely renewable, non-renewable, biotic and abiotic and all need conservation.

9) Deforestation, pollution, poaching of animals and over usage of resources are a threat to preserving Mother Nature.

10) The consumption of natural resources has become more in comparison to its conservation, so we have to switch to the optimum utilization of resources now.

5 Lines on Conservation of Nature

1) Nature is a beautiful gift given by God.

2) It comprises of trees, air, water, etc.

3) Nature gives us many things.

4) It consists of both living and non-living things.

5) We should conserve nature.

20 Lines on Conservation of Nature

1) Conservation of nature refers to protecting our natural environment from destruction or damage.

2) Nature conservation is essential for preventing the earth’s flora and fauna from extinction.

3) Any step, taken to save the environment, is also a step towards conservation of nature.

4) It includes protecting our natural resources, water bodies and air etc. from human-induced damages.

5) The conservation of nature is essential for preventing the depletion of species and maintaining biodiversity.

6) To conserve nature, steps like proper waste collection and disposal, are necessary to take on time.

7) Minimization or elimination of the use of chemicals in agriculture can help in conserving nature.

8) The conservation of nature includes the conservation of biodiversity and natural resources also.

9) The rush towards economic growth is posing a threat to nature.

10) The disappearance of nature from the earth will certainly cause the disappearance of human civilization also.

11) We have to safeguard our natural surroundings from any human-induced damage.

12) Conservation is an act of protecting and restoring our natural environment in its pristine form.

13) Conservation of Nature is an essential step towards sustainable development.

14) Conservation of nature is essential to maintain biodiversity in its abundant form.

15) Not littering garbage everywhere is a noble step towards conservation of nature.

16) Prevention of urban waste from reaching out to our natural environment can also prove to be beneficial.

17) Conservation of nature also includes saving the living species of plants and animals from extinction.

18) Our everyday actions can have substantial effects on our natural resources.

19) Many laws have been enacted worldwide for the conservation of nature.

20) World Natural Conservation Day is also celebrated globally on 28th July to raise awareness about protecting our natural resources.

The efforts of conservation of nature and its growing consciousness and awareness are showing its results nowadays with people stopping to pollute and trying to clean the environment with our Prime Minister’s initiative of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Recently he has also received the ‘Champions of the Earth’ award by the UN in order to spearhead the crusade against pollution and to establish cleanliness in the environment.

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