10 Lines on Congo River

Congo is an important River in Africa, especially in west-central Africa. It has also got the name of Zaire River. There are numerous facts to know about this historical river which we have compiled in the sets of 10 lines below. We would like to advise you to visit all of them and check their usefulness right now.

Ten Lines on Congo River

Set 1

1) In Africa, Congo is considered to be the largest among the rivers.

2) Despite being the largest in Africa, it is the second-largest river in the world.

3) The source of the name ‘Congo’ is a territory of ‘Kongo’ from history.

4) Congo River is also the world’s deepest river having a depth of more than 220 m.

5) The mountains in Africa are the place of origin of the river.

6) It passes through the Kisangani district and turns from there towards the south-west direction.

7) The length of Congo River is 4370 km and the catchment area is 4,000,000 square km.

8) The tributaries which flow in Congo River are Kasai, Lukenie, Ubangi, Inkisi, etc.

9) The mouth of the Congo River was visited by a European in 1482 named Portuguese Diogo Cao.

10) Copper, sugar, and coffee are some products depending on the river for their trade.

We have provided another set of ten points on Congo River for class 9, class 10, class 11 and class 12. After going through these points, you will find that in which other languages Congo River is called as, what is the source of Congo River, which area does the Congo River covers, from where Congo River flows through, who came to explore the Congo River basin, what is the situation of trade and navigation on Congo River, how the forest of Congo basin is evergreen etc.

Set 2

1) The South Atlantic Ocean in Moanda is where the mouth of the Congo River is found.

2) Congo River is known by “Fleuve Congo” and “Rio Congo” in French and in Portuguese & Spanish respectively.

3) The vast drainage area of Congo River has a whole of the Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Western Zambia, and Northern Angola.

4) The Congo River mostly flows nearby the equator of the earth.

5) Due to some high-speed currents, the river is not always fir for boating.

6) It is also a source of Hydro-electric power generation.

7) The river was first visited by the Europeans in 1482 then by the Portuguese Diogo Cao and a British exploration team also visited it in 1817.

8) The Congo River basin is the second-largest rainforest in the world and the equatorial climate which exists in the Congo basin gives a very dense evergreen forest.

9) Congo River also provides access to railways services to pass through three of its major falls.

10) The Congo River provides habitat to a vast variety of marine life.

Congo River flows through the major parts of Africa making it an important river in the continent. It provides a basis for trade and survival to many people and also many important species. Due to its flow from important places in Africa, it is a very important river from ancient times.