10 Lines on Huang He (Yellow) River

The Yellow River or Huang He River is known as the second longest river in China after Yangtze River and the sixth longest river in the world. The Huang He River is also known as “The Mother River” and “The Cradle of Chinese Civilization”. In Chinese mythology, the Yellow River is also called as the home of the Chinese deity ‘Hebo’ who is considered as the God of the Yellow River.

The Basin of Huang He River was the birth place of ancient Chinese civilization and was the most prosperous region. Yellow River is one of the several rivers which are essential for the existence of China, but on the same time it is also responsible for the devastating floods.

Ten Lines on Huang He (Yellow) River in English

We are providing here 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Huang He (Yellow) River in English Language for students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Students can get help in their studies from these sets of lines and complete their home work, assignments, project work and can get knowledge within less time also. So, let's start:

10 Lines on Huang He (Yellow) River

1) The Huang He or Yellow River is the second longest river in China after Yangtze River.

2) In Chinese mythology, Huang He River is also called home of the deity ‘Hebo’.

3) Huang Ho River originates from Bayan Har Mountains located in Western China.

4) Huang Ho is famous for carrying high amount of silt in its river bed.

5) Huang Ho River flows through nine provinces and gets emptied in Bohai Sea.

6) The length of Yellow River is 5464 km and the catchment area is 752,546 sq. km.

7) The average water discharge of Huang He River is 2110 cubic metres per second.

8) Due to frequent floods, the Huang He River is also known as “Sorrow of China”.

9) The Huang He River flows through Qinghai, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong etc provinces.

10) Major cities situated on the banks of Huang He are Wuhai, Jinan, Zhengzhou etc.

10 Lines and Sentences on Huang He (Yellow) River

1) The Yellow River or Huang He is the principal river of north-eastern China and the second longest river in China as well as the sixth longest in the world.

2) Huang He River is also known as “Mother River of China” and “The Cradle of Chinese Civilisation”.

3) Huang He River rises in the southern Qinghai province on Tibetan plateau and crosses nine other provinces and the two autonomous regions during its flow to ‘Bo Hai’.

4) Huang He River is divided into three pair viz. the mountainous upper course, the middle course on the plateau and lower course across low plain.

5) Huang He River rises with a height of 15000 ft in the Bayan Har Mountains in the eastern plateau of Tibet autonomous region.

6) The middle course of Huang He River stretches more than 1800 miles with a great loop and flows into the area of 60,000 square km.

7) In the downstream towards Zhengzhou, Huang He broadens out to flow through Henan and Shandong provinces in the north China plain.

8) There are many tributaries which flow through Yellow River viz. White River, Black River, Huang Shui, Datong River, Daxia River, Tao River, Qingshui River etc.

9) The Yellow River basin is rich in fish with more than 160 species and 28 families; a typical fish called ‘Cyprinid’ is the most diverse family in the Yellow River.

10) Many hydroelectric power projects and bridges are constructed on Huang He River viz. Sanmenxia Dam, Liujiaxia Dam, Jinan Yellow River Bridge etc.

5 Lines on Huang He (Yellow) River

1) It is among the longest rivers in China.

2) It has a length of about 5,464 km.

3) The yellow silt depositing makes it the Yellow River.

4) It emerges from Bayan Har Mountains, China.

5) It is famous as the “Sorrow of China”.

20 Lines on Huang He (Yellow) River

1) Huang Ho River emerges in northern China.

2) It is regarded as the second-longest river in China.

3) Huang Ho river system forms the world's sixth-largest river system.

4) The river traces its course through nine provinces of China.

5) Bayan Har Mountains in Western China is the originating place of the river Huang Ho.

6) Huang Ho River is 5464 km in length.

7) The area of the drainage basin of river Huang Ho is 752546 square km.

8) Fen, Zuli, Luo, Dahei, etc are the tributaries of river Huang Ho.

9) Wei River is stated as the largest tributary of Huang Ho River.

10) Huang Ho River terminates into the Bohai Sea in the Shandong province of China.

11) Huang Ho is an important river in China.

12) Its river basin is regarded as the third largest river basin in China.

13) It is stated as the native place of ancient Chinese civilization.

14) Huang ho river is known for causing destructing floods.

15) It provides drinking water and irrigation facilities to the people of China.

16) Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Wuhai, Baotou, etc are cities of China located on the river banks.

17) The river water is used in the production of hydroelectricity by the construction of Dams.

18) Sanmenxia Dam, Liujjaxia Dam, Yangqu Dam, etc are built on the Huang Ho river.

19) Huang ho river is home to more than 160 species of fish.

20) The excessive sewage and waste discharge from factories have polluted the river water.

The Yellow River is known for the silt it carries in its river bed. About 1.6 billion tonnes gets collected at the point from where it falls from the Loess plateau and due to this Huang He River gets its yellow colour. Before the modern dams were constructed in China, the Yellow River was prone to frequent floods and taking lots of lives in past but in today’s scenario this situation has come to an end as the river is helping in China’s economy.