10 Lines on Buddhism

Among all the religions in the world, Buddhism is a widely spread and very popular religion. In the below sets of 10 lines, we have discussed some important points to remember about Buddhism. You can read them and get some unusual information about Buddhism.

Ten Lines on Buddhism

Set – 1

1) Buddhism is one of the important religions in the world.

2) It was founded by the great Gautam Buddha.

3) The religion has come into existence around 2500 years ago.

4) There is no specific god that the followers of Buddhism worship.

5) The holy scripture of Buddhism is ‘Tripitaka’.

6) Tripitaka is written in the Pali language.

7) The followers run behind attaining the complete knowledge of enlightenment.

8) Buddhism teaches the four noble truths as the suffering, cause of suffering, end of suffering and the path leading to it.

9) Instead of any specific place, Buddhists can worship anywhere, including their home.

10) All the teachings of Buddhism are popular as ‘Dharma’.

Set – 2

1) It was Gautam Buddha who started Buddhism, and his followers led it after him.

2) Meditation is a sacred and very important practice in Buddhism.

3) Many people believe that Buddhism is not a religion but a way of living life.

4) Those that follow Buddhism are called Buddhists.

5) Buddhism strongly teaches us to stay non-vegetarian and practice no violence.

6) There is a popular word ‘Buddha’ in Buddhism which refers to one who has achieved enlightenment.

7) Vesak, Parinirvana Day, Magha Puja are some important festivals in Buddhism.

8) Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha are the three jewels in Buddhism.

9) Buddhism believes in the rebirth of the human being.

10) China is an Asian country with most of the Buddhists in the World.

Buddhism is a peace-loving religion with not any hypocrisy or pretense. This religion focuses on education and enlightenment through it. Mahabodhi Temple, Dhamek Stupa, Sanchi Stupa are some important Buddhist monuments and a pilgrimage for the people of other religions as well. Buddhism is pure and divine.