10 Lines on Biodiversity

Biodiversity can be simplified as biological diversity. It is the variability and diversity among the living organism and vegetation within an ecosystem. Biodiversity play an important role in maintenance and balancing of the ecosystem. Biodiversity helps in the survival of many species including human beings.

They act as the basic source of food and shelter for thousands of live species on earth. It helps in sustaining the food chain and extinction of one adversely affects the overall food chain hampering the survival of other.

Ten Lines on Biodiversity

Below are the 10 lines on Biodiversity which will help you understand the topic in a better way. It will also help you to increase your knowledge on Biodiversity and explain why it is important for the overall ecosystem of our planet. The below points are in an easy language and will help you in writing essays or prepare for an effective speech on various environmental occasions like earth day, environment day or your school annual functions:

10 Lines on Biodiversity – Set 1

1) Biodiversity is the biological varieties of species and a healthy relationship between them.

2) Every species in the ecosystem has a special function without which the balance of the ecosystem will be lost.

3) Biodiversity helps in sustaining the food web in the ecosystem since every species is dependent on the other for food or shelter.

4) There are around 8.7 million species estimated on earth with 6.5 millions on land and 2.2 in oceans.

5) Forests host a large amount of biodiversity and protect us from the pollution and regulate the temperature of the planet.

6) Biodiversity also fulfills the pharmaceutical and medicinal requirements of mankind.

7) Coral reefs sustain the largest biodiversity and host 25% of marine life on them.

8) High biodiversity at a place helps it to recover quickly from the disasters.

9) Biodiversity has steadily come down past few decades due to increasing pollution and climate change.

10) Preserving biodiversity is very important since it directly affects the normal course of life and helps in balancing the ecosystem.

Following is the additional set of 10 Lines on Biodiversity. This will help you to broaden your understanding on the topic and to add additional points in your essays, speeches or paragraph recitations. Please go though the below additional points and enhance your writing by making it look unique and more appealing:

10 Lines on Biodiversity - Set 2

1) The variety of species and life forms ranging from macroscopic to microscopic and from flora and fauna sustaining on the planet is referred as biodiversity.

2) Forests and oceans host major part of biodiversity on earth.

3) Many species of plants and animals are interdependent on each other for their basic needs which help them to sustain their life.

4) Climate change, industrial revolution and deforestation have highly affected biodiversity leading to extinction of major species of plant and animals.

5) Around 98% of species that ever existed on earth have now been extinct due to various reasons.

6) 22nd May is celebrated as the international Day for the Biological Diversity to promote biodiversity on a global platform.

7) UN declared 2011-2020 as the United Nation Decade on Biodiversity to reduce the biodiversity loss.

8) Preserving the species on the verge of extinction and rebuilding its habitat is a way by which we can increase biodiversity.

9) Developing of micro forests within cities could also help in increasing biodiversity and helping to clean the environment.

10) Reducing pollution, preservation of species and re-forestation are few steps which can help to increase biodiversity and maintain ecological balance.

Biodiversity is the most complex and most vital feature of earth. It is very important for the sustenance of the ecological balance. It becomes important for us to sustain and increase the biodiversity of our planet so that it helps in the survival of the human race.

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