10 Lines on Health

Though we need different things in our life like good education, wealth, family, friends etc. but what we need most is ‘Health’. I am sure that you will agree with it. If you are still confused, then you should check the sets of 10 lines that I have brought for you below.

Ten Lines on Health in English

Some well worded sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Health for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are given below to help them in their study , exams and school assignments. Just go through these lines and select the one of your choice:

10 Lines on Health 

1) Health is the state of being physically, mentally and emotionally well of a person.

2) Health is a valuable resource to lead a good life.

3) Genetics, weather conditions, education are few factors which directly affect our health.

4) Cleanliness is the most important element to lead a healthy life.

5) Stress is the state of mind which directly affects health and leads to detrimental consequences.

6) Laughter is the best medicine for stress as it decreases the stress hormones and boosts the immune system.

7) Exercise not only makes a healthy body but also helps to fight stress and makes our mind more alert.

8) Malnutrition is the cause of ill health for the poor population in India.

9) A sedentary lifestyle and junk foods have made the younger generation unhealthy.

10) Balanced diets, clean drinking water, proper sanitation, regular checkups are a few measures to attain good health.

10 Lines and Sentences on Health 

1) Good health is very important for the social, economic and personal development of a person.

2) A person is healthy if he is physically and mentally fit without any ailments.

3) Diet, Exercise and Sleep are the three pillars of a healthy body and mind.

4) The immune system helps in fighting the toxins and virus attacks so that the body can quickly recover from diseases.

5) The increase in the pollution level and adulteration in the food items have adversely affected our health weakening our immune system.

6) The hectic lifestyle and junk foods have given rise to obesity, stress and heart problems.

7) Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, smoking etc. are very dangerous for the health leading to cancer and deaths.

8) A simple and controlled lifestyle with a balanced diet and routine exercise helps to attain good health.

9) Ten minutes of daily meditation helps to fight stress, reduce anxiety and helps to relax your mind.

10) Maintaining good health is the key to success and brings positivity in life, which in turn leads to longevity.

10 Lines on Health

5 Lines on Health 

1) Health is necessary for a good life.

2) Healthy means physically and mentally fit.

3) Good health increases concentration.

4) A high-nutrition food gives good health.

5) Good health keeps disease away.

20 Lines on Health 

1) Health refers to the condition of a person’s physical and mental state.

2) Good health is the most significant thing for survival and the existence of living beings.

3) In a larger context, it is the physical state of all living as well as non-living beings.

4) A person with good health can face physical, mental and social challenges in life.

5) Good health resembles the absence of disease, a happy state of mind and active social life.

6) Even laughing can improve your cardiac health by improving the blood flow by 20%.

7) A positive attitude towards life will make you healthier and live longer.

8) Regular exercise, eating healthy and sleeping sufficient are some methods to achieve good health.

9) Apart from the physical well being, we must also try to improve our psychological health.

10) A simple act of reading your favourite book lowers stress and improves your health.

11) Health is the most important factor to live a happy and contented life.

12) Health can either be good or bad, depending on the person’s physiological or psychological state.

13) A person in bad health will find it difficult to survive in everyday challenges and stress.

14) Health is like our most important resource generated within and helping us in everyday tasks.

15) The early morning walk will keep your body and mind healthy.

16) Eating fruits, vegetables, grains and low-fat food will keep you physically fit and healthy.

17) Reading, playing a musical instrument, games involving mental exercise, will improve health.

18) Avoiding junk food like pizza, burger and cola is a good idea to stay fit and healthy.

19) We can regain lost wealth through hard work, and it is possible only when we will be healthy.

20) Brushing teeth twice a day, eating healthy and washing hands before meals will keep you healthy.

The famous proverb ‘health is wealth’ signifies the importance of health in one’s life. If we lose our health, we will ultimately lose joy, pleasure and excitement in life. Avoiding lift and using a staircase, riding a bicycle to work are the best ways of exercise if you don’t have time to hit the gym.

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