10 Lines on Biblical Magi

Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals of the year.  Although it is a Christian festival, it is celebrated by the people of all religions with the same spirit and enthusiasm. Everybody knows that Christmas is celebrated because of the birth of Jesus Christ and the event is depicted through pictures in many places. Have you wondered who the three Angels or people are who are seen in all the pictures of the birth of Jesus Christ? They are called ‘Biblical Magi’ or ‘Magi’ and they are there because of some stories. The details about Biblical Magi can be obtained through the sets below.

Ten Lines on Biblical Magi

Set 1

1) Biblical Magi is a word from the ‘Gospel of Matthew’ in Holy Christian Scripture ‘Bible’.

2) The word ‘Biblical Magi’ refers to three wise men or kings who had visited Jerusalem.

3) The wise men had visited Jerusalem after the birth of Jesus Christ.

4) Matthew says that the wise men had visited Jerusalem to pay tribute to Jesus Christ right after his birth.

5) The wise men (Magi) believed that Jesus Christ had born to be the king of Jews.

6) The king ‘Herod’ of Jerusalem became angry and scared after listening to it.

7) The King called the 3 Magi and asked them to inform him when they had found Jesus.

8) The Magi traveled in the town and finally got the Jesus Christ.

9) They provided Jesus 3 gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

10) After realizing the doubtful intentions of King Herod, Magi returned without informing the king.

 Another set of 10 lines on Biblical Magi is created by us. There were many special points that were not discussed in the first set so we created another set with all those points. The set will provide you some different, short and accurate information about Biblical Magi. To make the set interesting, we have created it in very easy language. Have a look at it.

Set 2

1) Out of the four Gospels of the Bible, the ‘Biblical Magi’ are mentioned in only the Gospel of Matthew.

2) It is assumed that Magi was 3 because Magi had brought only 3 gifts and there is no mention of the number of Magi.

3) Also, Matthew has told that the Magi had come from the east direction.

4) The Magi were following a star to reach Jesus Christ.

5) The star that led the Magi to reach Jesus Christ was later called the ‘Star of Bethlehem’.

6) The Western Church regards the Biblical Magi as the Saints.

7) Among the gifts by Magi, Gold is a symbol of kingship, Frankincense is simple of deity and Myrrh is the symbol of death.

8) Where the Magi went after meeting Jesus Christ is not mentioned in the Bible.

9) On the occasion of ‘Epiphany’ on 6th January, Western Churches have a feast commemorating the three Magi.

10) People from different civilizations have claimed that they have found the tomb of Magi but all of them failed to prove it.

So we can say that the Biblical Magi have great importance in the Bible that is why their existence is celebrated on 6th January as ‘Epiphany’. Magi had divine power and they knew that Jesus Christ is the ‘Son of God’ that is why they paid him homage. So you are now no more speechless about who the 3 Angels or wise men are who appears on every picture of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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