10 Lines on Azim Premji

Business and Industries in India have developed much rapidly in the past few decades. There are many such companies and organizations in the country that have much affect the normal life. One of them is ‘Wipro’, and of its important personality is ‘Azim Premji’. Here we will read about Azim Premji in detail through the sets of 10 lines/points below. So are you ready for it?

Ten Lines on Azim Premji

Set 1

1) Azim Premji is mostly famous as the chairman of ‘Wipro’, a multinational company based in India.

2) He had born as Azim Hasim Premji on 24 July 1945 in Bombay.

3) Premji completed graduation in electrical engineering from the Leland Stanford Junior University in California.

4) He married to Yasmeen Chinoy and has two sons Rishad Premji and Tariq Premji.

5) He held the position of the chairman of Wipro in 1966, after the death of his father Mohamed Premji.

6) In 1977, he changed the name of Wipro from ‘Western India Vegetable Products Limited’ to ‘Wipro Products Limited’.

7) Azim Premji also runs a non-profit organization namely ‘Azim Premji Foundation’ founded in 2001.

8) He has joined a philanthropic club to donate a large sum of his income for some humanitarian cause.

9) His wife Yasmeen is an excellent writer, following the cultures and traditions of India, unlike the other businesswomen of India.

10) Azim Premji is a person of cultured personality who follows only a humble lifestyle.

Set 2

1) Mohamed Premji, the father of Azim Premji, had founded Wipro, and people called him the ‘Rice King of Burma’.

2) Though Azim Premji is an industrialist, he is also an engineer and a philanthropist.

3) Wipro was initially an oil and soap manufacturing company which Azim Premji turned into an IT Industry.

4) Due to the sudden growth in technology, Wipro’s stocks’ prices increased, and Azim Premji became one of the richest persons in the world.

5) He was awarded the ‘greatest entrepreneur’ because, under his leadership, Wipro has shown a quick growth in the market.

6) He got Padma Bhushan in 2005 by the government for his extraordinary work.

7) He was the Padma Vibhushan awardee in 2011.

8) Azim Premji Foundation is working in many states, targeting mainly the people of rural areas.

9) There is an Azim Premji University in Karnataka established through the Azim Premji University Act 2010.

10) He was also awarded the Economic Times Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 2013.

Azim Premji is a person of great thought. In his words, “I strongly believe that those of us, who are privileged to have wealth, should contribute significantly to try and create a better world for the millions who are far less privileged”. I think there can be no better example to express his humbleness and philanthropic thoughts. Currently, his son Rishad Premji has taken over as the chairman of Wipro. We expect for his works and contribution like his father in the field.

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