10 Lines on Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has been the favourite of almost everyone. His dance moves and talent in singing have attracted everyone. There are many more things to read about him. For it, we have prepared some sets of 10 lines on Michael Jackson below. You should read them right now.

Ten Lines on Michael Jackson

Set – 1

1) Michael Jackson was a singer, dancer, and songwriter of America.

2) He had born on 29 August 1958 at Gary city in Indiana, United States.

3) His mother was Katherine Jackson and father Joe Jackson.

4) His career in music was supported and inspired by his father.

5) His album ‘Thriller’ was launched on 30 November 1982 and got much popularity.

6) After having a long career with ‘Jackson 5’, he started his solo career.

7) He experienced a constant change in his appearance during his life.

8) At the age of fifty, he died of a heart attack on 25 June 2009.

9) Jackson had also released his autobiography in 1988 ‘Moonwalk’.

10) He had also visited many countries for his band’s concerts.

Set – 2

1) Michael Jackson’s father started the first band of his career with his family members.

2) That band was named ‘Jackson 5’.

3) He was popular as the ‘King of the Pop’ around the world.

4) The popular dance move ‘Moon Walk’ was introduced by Michael Jackson.

5) He always used to wear crystal gloves in his hands.

6) He had won a total of 13 Grammy awards in his career.

7) Overdose of the drug caused the death of Michael Jackson.

8) His Album ‘Thriller’ in his solo career became the most selling album of the time.

9) Bad, Book I, and Dangerous are some other popular albums of his career.

10) Once while filming for a Pepsi advertisement, his hair got burnt.

Michael Jackson was not just a person but a complete package of talents. His life was an inspiration for all. People don’t believe the day when they got the news of his death. He has made people believe that art does not need anything to make you famous but just your effort.

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