10 Lines on Anti-Leprosy Day

Leprosy is one of the diseases which is caused by bacteria and can severely affect anybody. There are lots of superstitions also associated with this disease due to which patients are treated very badly. Gandhiji did not like the way leprosy patients were treated and he tried to eradicate leprosy from India. That’s why Anti- Leprosy Day is celebrated on the martyrdom day of Gandhiji which falls on 30th January to raise awareness and eradicate leprosy from India.

Gandhiji during his lifetime proved that leprosy is curable disease and people who are affected with leprosy should not be ill treated by other people. In fact he advocated that they should be loved and taken special care.

Ten Lines on Anti-Leprosy Day in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Anti-Leprosy Day in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After reading these lines you will know what is the relevance of leprosy in world, who made anti-leprosy day a meaningful event, when anti-leprosy day is celebrated, on which day it will be celebrated in 2019, what activities are done in order to spread awareness among the people etc.

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10 Lines on Anti-Leprosy Day

1) Leprosy is one such kind of disease which is caused by bacillus bacteria.

2) It affects skin, nerves, eyes, nose and respiratory tract damaging them severely.

3) Mahatma Gandhi was the first person who made efforts to eradicate leprosy in India

4) To mark Gandhiji’s efforts, Anti-Leprosy Day is celebrated in India on 30th January i.e. martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi.

5) Gandhi’s compassion and tenderness for leprosy patients was really very inspiring.

6) In 2019 Anti-Leprosy Day was celebrated on 30th January on Wednesday.

7) Anti-Leprosy Day is used to spread awareness about leprosy and its cure.

8) Campaigns and processions are organised to spread awareness about leprosy on the day.

9) Government along with other agencies run free health camps for treating leprosy.

10) On this day, we also remember the teachings of Gandhiji and his fight against leprosy.

10 Lines and Sentences on Anti-Leprosy Day

1) Anti-Leprosy Day is celebrated all over India on 30th January every year with zeal and zest to eradicate leprosy.

2) Anti-Leprosy Day is observed on 30th January which is also observed as the day of martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi.

3) Mahatma Gandhiji was pioneer in spreading awareness and knowledge regarding prevention and cure of leprosy.

4) Leprosy is a type of disease which is caused by infection and mainly affects skin, eyes, nose and other body parts.

5) Anti-LeprosyDay is observed to prevent and cure leprosy among the people especially who are affected by the disease.

6) Leprosy is completely curable disease now and medicines are readily available at government hospitals.

7) Nowadays the government of India has started national leprosy eradication program which treats leprosy patients for free.

8) Anti-Leprosy Day is also observed to educate as well as motivate the leprosy patients and make them psychologically strong.

9) This day also aims that all the leprosy affected patients must get proper treatment on timely basis in order to cure them fast.

10) Various leprosy detection camps are also organised for early diagnosis of the disease on the day.

5 Lines on Anti-Leprosy Day

1) It is celebrated on 30th January.

2) Leprosy is a bacterial disease.

3) It can harm the eyes, nerves, respiratory system, etc.

4) This day spread awareness about leprosy.

5) On this day, leprosy detection camps are organized.

20 Lines on Anti-Leprosy Day

1) Anti Leprosy Day is observed throughout India on 30th January every year.

2) It is celebrated to make people aware of this deadly disease, its prevention and cure.

3) The day marks the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

4) The French humanitarian Raoul Follereau selected this day to be observed as Anti Leprosy Day from 1954.

5) His motive was to pay gratitude to Mahatma Gandhi by celebrating his death anniversary as anti-leprosy day.

6) Mahatma Gandhi did a great effort to end discrimination against leprosy patients.

7) He was the first person in India who understood the pain of leprosy patients.

8) The government on this day organizes free health camps for testing and treating leprosy.

9) Several awareness programs, speeches, debates are conducted to make people aware of this day.

10) The motive of celebrating this day is to make India and the world leprosy-free.

11) The entire world observes Anti Leprosy Day annually on the last Sunday of January.

12) There is a provision to celebrate the Anti Leprosy Day every year with a particular theme.

13) The theme for this year 2021 celebration was “Beat Leprosy, End Stigma, and advocate for mental wellbeing”.

14) The detection and treatment of leprosy disease is a major goal for all nations in the entire world.

15) Leprosy is also known as Hansen’s disease which is a bacterial disease.

16) The causative agent of this disease is Mycobacterium laprae.

17) It spreads by droplets released in the air by coughing and sneezing of infected people.

18) The disease mainly affects the skin, legs, peripheral nerves, hands, and eyes.

19) Every year 50-60% of all leprosy cases detected in the world are from India.

20) The disease can easily be cured if detected at an early stage.

Anti-Leprosy Day is celebrated to remember Gandhiji for his contributions in fighting against leprosy. He was the one who fought with the superstitions related to leprosy and requested people to take good care of the patients. During the pre-independence era, leprosy was not curable and people use to die due to lack of treatment. Nowadays the development in medical science has almost eradicated the disease from India.

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