Paragraph on Birthday

Birthday is generally the name given to the day on which an individual is born and is stated as a special day in everyone’s life. The birthday itself means the day of doing enjoyment and fun. Everybody in this world has the desire to celebrate their special day in their own style. People celebrate this day by organizing parties and spending their time with their family, friends and relatives. Children and kids are most excited about the arrival of their birthdays. It will not be wrong to say that the birthday is a day that is awaited and enjoyed by people of all age groups whether they are children, adults or older ones.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Birthday

The topic of birthday is very important for all the school students. It is because the students of all classes get this topic often to write an essay, paragraph, assignment, or project. Students find difficulty in knowing that what things have to be included in this topic. In the same reference, I have provided some sets of short and long paragraphs on this topic. I hope that it would be beneficial to all the students in giving them an idea of writing essays, paragraphs, assignments, or projects on this topic.

Paragraph 1- 100 Words (Birthday: The Day of Getting Immense Blessing)

The word birthday brings the image of parties, surprises, gifts, cake, etc in our mind. It is a special and most awaited day in everyone’s life as it is the day when we came into this world. The people on their birthday feel much adored and cared. It is because everybody gives warm wishes to that person as well as wishes for his/her long and happy life. Moreover, some surprises or special activities are done by the family, friends and relatives of the people having their birthdays. Thus, it will be appropriate to say that love, blessings, parties, enjoyment, etc on the birthdays make this day beautiful and memorable for the people or children having their birthdays.

Paragraph 2- 120 Words (The Real Meaning Of Birthday)

Birthday is a day that occurs once in a year in everyone’s life. This day commences with several warm wishes of ‘Happy birthday to you’ by our close ones after the clock strikes 12:00 in the night. Everybody on their birthdays feels that this is their own day and they are free to do anything. It is the day when nobody scolds us. We get only love and blessing on our birthdays. Our family, friends and relatives try to do something special for us on this day that would please us from inside. Children are most excited about their birthdays. It is because they get several presents on this day and that makes them very happy. Everybody either young or old celebrates their birthdays in their own way or by inviting their friends and close ones to make the day a memorable one.

Paragraph 3- 150 Words (Common Tradition of Birthday Celebration)

Birthday celebration tradition differs in different parts of the world and it is totally dependent on the culture. The common tradition of a birthday celebration in different parts of the world is by organizing a party on the birthday of an individual. The cake is prepared and candles representing the age of that individual is decorated on the cake. The individual having his/her birthday is asked to make a wish and then blow all the burning candles on the cake in a single breath. If the candles are blown in one breath it is understood that the wish will be granted. In many cultures, there is a provision of keeping the wish a secret or it might not come true. The guests of the same age as the age of individual having his/her birthday are more in number. Lastly, the presents are given by the guests to the person having his/her birthday.

There is a tradition of singing the song ‘Happy Birthday To U’ in many cultures during the celebration of the birthday. In some countries, Pinata i.e. a container made up of cloth or pottery and filled with candies. This is broken on the occasion of birthdays and thus takes the place of cakes that is prevalent in other cultures.

Paragraph 4- 200 Words (Tradition Of Birthday Celebration In Different Cultures)

Birthday refers to the day on which a person is born. It is celebrated by people in different parts of the world according to their own culture and tradition. People or children enjoy this day by celebrating this day with their close ones. Everybody gathered on this day gives blessings and best wishes to the individual. This is a day of rejoicing and organizing parties with the peer groups. We all love to celebrate our birthdays in a unique way every year in order to make this day a memorable one. In many cultures, there is the tradition of celebrating the 1st, 25th, 50th and 100th birthdays of the individuals in a very special manner.

A Glimpse Of The Tradition Of Birthday Celebration In Different Cultures

  • There is a provision of celebrating the sixteenth birthday of girls in the United States and Canada as a ‘sweet sixteen celebration’. The sixteenth birthday is celebrated with great fervour and joy.
  • There is a ritual of shaving the head of a child is shaved on their first birthday in countries like India and Nepal. This ritual is held by lighting a special fire. It is believed that shaving of the head removes the hair and cleans the child from evils that would have happened in the past life. In Hindus, especially in Brahmins, the male children on their 12th or 13th birthday have a grand thread ceremony and the child has to wear the blessed thread. This ritual is stated as Upanayana in Hindu Culture.
  • In the Philippines, a party called ‘debut’ is organized for the girls on their 18th birthday and boys on their 21st birthday.
  • The children who have attained the age of 20 years, the Coming of Age Day is celebrated for all of them in Japan.
  • The children are welcomed with a dish called Otto as soon as they wake up on their birthdays in country Ghana. They also celebrate the birthday party where they eat stew rice and Kelewele.

In this way, the celebration of the birthday in different cultures differs according to the tradition prevalent in them.

Paragraph 5- 250 Words (Birthday: A Get-Together Of All Our Loved Ones)

Birthday marks the finishing of one more precious year from our lives but still, it is celebrated by people of all ages with great fervour and joy. It is the happiness of becoming older and mature. The birthdays of great personalities are celebrated by marking it as a holiday or giving it the name of some important event. Moreover, there are many great personalities whose birthdates are not specified and thus any of the days in that month are marked as their birthday and celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. This is applicable to the birth of Jesus Christ and the celebration of Christmas in the world. The birth date of Jesus is not known exactly and thus it is celebrated on 25th December that is commemorated as Christmas.

A Get Together Of All Our Loved Ones

The birthday is a beautiful day of everyone’s life and we all wish to make our every birthday a special one. The most appropriate reason that makes this day a special day in our life is the presence of all our loved ones and their blessings with us. We invite all our friends, relatives and close ones to give their presence in the birthday celebration. It is really wonderful that all our well-wishers and caring people are with us on our special day. Moreover, they try to do everything that makes us happy on our special day of our life. Thus, it can be stated as the best way of spending quality time with our family and friends.

Planning –An Essential Part Of Birthday Celebration

Planning is considered an important thing in the celebration of birthdays. We all have our unique plans for the celebration of our birthdays. Some of us desire to celebrate this day with our family and close ones while some might wish to make their special a happening one by going on a trip with their close ones. There are many of us who like to celebrate our birthdays in between orphan or poor children. In this way, we all love to plan the activities that we desire to do on our birthdays. We all love to do planning to make our every birthday a memorable one.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Birthday

Q.1 When did the tradition of birthdays begin in the world?

Ans. The tradition of birthdays was initiated in the world around 3000 B.C.E.

Q.2 Who created the song ‘Happy Birthday to you’?

Ans. The song ‘Happy birthday to you’ was created by Mildred and Patty Hill in the year 1893.

Q.3 What name is given to the 100th Birthday?

Ans. The Centenarian Milestone is the name given the 100th Birthday.

Q.4 When was the birthday cake invented?

Ans. The birthday cake came into existence in the 15th century and was introduced by German bakers.