Paragraph on Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is regarded as one the famous scientists of the 20th century and the greatest physicists of all time. People usually spell the name of Einstein to compare the most intelligent children or adults. Every day millions of people take birth and die but very few among them are remembered by the people till generations. They are remembered because of their remarkable contributions or deeds. It states that everybody has their own ability. Scientists are believed to be the people who are really crazy and believe in doing extraordinary things. Albert Einstein was also among such crazy geniuses. He was really an outstanding personality and his way of working was totally different from the other scientists of the world.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Albert Einstein

The topic Albert Einstein is very important for school students and competitive exam aspirants. Students often get this topic in the exam to write an essay, paragraph, project, assignment, etc. They often find difficulty in writing essays on such topics. They could not understand how the essay, paragraph, assignment, etc had to be started. In the same context, I have provided some sets of long and short paragraphs on the topic of Albert Einstein. I hope that these paragraphs would be beneficial to all the students and readers in giving them an idea of writing essays, assignments, projects, etc on this topic.

Paragraph 1- 100 Words (Albert Einstein: A Genius Scientist)

Albert Einstein was a genius personality who had brought wonders in the field of Science and especially in Physics. He was the inventor of different important theories and equations in Physics. The invention of these important theories and equations in physics had brought a wobble in the world of Physics. It is because of his remarkable inventions and findings in science he had been stated as the greatest scientist of the 20th century. After his death, his brain has been preserved for conducting research and finding out the reason for his super intelligence. His entire life, beautiful quotes and sayings are the source of inspiration for the younger generations.

Paragraph 2- 120 Words (Albert Einstein’s Outstanding Contribution To Field Of Science)

The name Albert Einstein refers to a great physicist and a famous scientist of the 20th century. He was also stated as the most intelligent human being on the earth. It was his intelligence that helped in developing the theory of relativity, mass-energy equivalence, the law of photoelectric effect in the field of physics. He also had an outstanding contribution in relativity and quantum mechanics that are regarded as two important aspects of modern physics. He had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1921 for developing the ‘photoelectric effect’ .His principles and findings have become a milestone in the field of science. His discoveries have fostered the innovation of several modern technologies and tools. He had also been awarded several awards for his outstanding discoveries in the field of science.

Paragraph 3- 150 Words (His Love For Physics And Mathematics)

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”. This is one of the famous inspirational quotes of the great and successful American scientist Albert Einstein. I think that you all would have heard of this great physicist and his discoveries in the field of science. His discovery of the theory of relativity has been a significant contribution to physics. He was not good in all subjects but was greatly interested in mathematics and physics. He was called a child genius because he was capable of solving hard problems of mathematics at a very small age. He had poor performance in subjects other than mathematics and physics; therefore he was disliked by his schools.

He had a different perspective towards nature and its phenomenon. His mind was full of curiosity and thus he was always interested in doing and knowing about new things. He had a child-like curiosity even after he grew older and this was the greatest reason behind the discoveries of his scientific theories.

Paragraph 4- 200 Words (Albert Einstein’s Curiosity For Nature)

We all would have heard about different scientists and discoveries in the world. The name Albert Einstein brings the image of an outstanding and genius personality in our mind. He was the mastermind behind the discovery of several important theories and equations in physics. He had published more than 300 research papers in his scientific career.

Inquisitive Towards Nature

Albert Einstein was different from the normal children from his childhood. He was not able to mix with other children and was not interested in playing with them. He preferred to live alone in a peaceful environment. He used to play only with his sister and used to play the game that gave some life lessons. He was a nature lover and always wanted to be close to nature. He loved seeing the activities happening in nature. He was also very curious to know the exact reason behind every phenomenon happening in nature.

Successful Scientist Even After Speaking Inability In Childhood

It is evident that Albert Einstein was a Nobel laureate famous scientist of the 20th century. Do you know that during his childhood this great scientist had the speaking inability? The parents of Albert Einstein were worried after his birth. It was because his head was bigger than the entire body. They thought that he was suffering from some kind of illness. Gradually, the structure of his head started improving. Later, he was not able to speak till the age of four years of age. He was facing a problem in understanding the language and therefore he could not speak till he became four years old. The same child with speaking inability grew up to become the scientist who brought miracles in the field of science.

Paragraph 5- 250 Words (An Account on Early Life of Albert Einstein)

Albert Einstein is regarded as a renowned mathematician and scientist in the world. He had a very creative mind and his creativity resulted in remarkable inventions in the field of science. His outstanding inventions in physics have totally changed the entire world. He was listed among the top hundred influential people of the 20th century. He was also given the title of “Person of the Century” by Time Magazine in the year 1999.

An Account On Early Life Of Albert Einstein

The great scientist Albert Einstein was born in a middle-class Jewish family in Germany on 14th of March in the year 1879. His father’s name was Hermann Einstein and he was a salesman and engineer. His mother’s name was Pauline Einstein and she was from a rich family background. Albert Einstein was the eldest among the two children of his parents. Hermann Einstein left Ulm city with his family in Germany in the year 1880 and settled in Munich city of Germany. He started a company of electrical equipment in Munich with his brother. Albert Einstein tied a knot to Mileva Maric in the year 1903 at the age of 24 years.

  • Schooling And Education- Albert Einstein never loved going to school. He started his education at the age of five years in Catholic Elementary School in Munich. Later when he attained the age of 8 years he left Catholic elementary school and joined Luitpold Gymnasium for completing his primary and secondary education. His father wanted him to pursue his career in Electrical engineering but Einstein was not interested in doing the same. It is because he did not have the desire to attend the classes anymore. According to him, curiosity and learning instinct is most important for every student and it is not achieved by the rote learning method followed in schools and colleges. He was not happy with classroom learning and felt as if he was taught forcefully.
  • Secondary Education- Albert Einstein, at the age of 16 years left his schooling and joined a diploma course at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He appeared for an entrance test and passed only mathematics and physics. He was given admission to this college on the condition that he had to complete his schooling and thus in this way he completed his graduation in the year 1896. Finally, his scientific career initiated from the year 1900 resulted in fascinating discoveries and research papers in the field of science.

I have tried to provide every detail of this topic in short and long paragraphs stated above. I hope that you would have loved and enjoyed reading the same.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Albert Einstein

Q.1 When Albert Einstein gave the Theory of Relativity?

Ans. Albert Einstein gave the Theory of Relativity in 1905.

Q.2 Which country in the world asked Albert Einstein to become its second president?

Ans. Israel is the country in the world that had requested Albert Einstein to become its second president.

Q.3 What was Albert Einstein’s most famous equation?

Ans. E=mc2 was Albert Einstein’s most famous equation.

Q.4 When did Albert Einstein shift to the USA?

Ans. Albert Einstein shifted to the USA in the year 1933.

Q.5 How many countries did Albert Einstein have citizenship?

Ans. The great scientist Albert Einstein had the citizenship of Germany, Switzerland and the USA.