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Everybody in this is connected with different people. Some might be our classmates, college mates, office colleagues, family relatives, etc. It is not necessary that merely being connected to several people around us make them our friends. Friendship is a bonding that is required in everyone’s life. Friends are ones who are close to us and we can hang around with them. We can also share different things with them that we do not feel free to say to everybody. A friend has a special place in everyone’s life and life without them is lonely and boring.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Friend

This is an important topic for students of all classes. Students are asked to write an essay, assignment, paragraph, etc on this topic in their exams. They might face difficulty in understanding the things that have to be included in the topic. In the same reference, I have provided short and long paragraphs on the topic friend. I hope that it might be beneficial to all the students in giving them an idea of writing essays, assignments, projects, etc on this topic.

Paragraph 1- 100 Words (Friends : Essential For Survival of Human Beings)

The bond of friendship is a beautiful relation in the world. Friends are not those who are formed at the time of birth or have any type of blood relation with us. The bond of love and trust that binds two or more unknown people into a beautiful relationship is termed friendship. The existence of friends is essential in everybody’s life. People who do not have friends have a lonely life without any excitement or joy. It is good for all of us to do friendship in our life and make good friends.  A good friend always takes the stand whenever we face difficulty in our lives or enjoy the happy moments of life.

Paragraph 2- 120 Words (Friends Brings Happiness In Our Lives)

We all are boned with different kinds of relationships in our lives. Every relationship has its own importance in everyone’s life and friendship is one of the most elegant and fragile bonds among them. We all meet different types of people in our daily life but everybody cannot be our friends. There are very few among them who become our friends and best friend. The presence of friends in our life makes it more happy and interesting. They are the ones who act as our close ones or family members when we are away from our family. We can share our good or bitter feelings and secrets with them without any type of hesitation. Thus, it can be stated that friends are hard to find so we must always be in touch with our friends and never lose them with the passing of time.

Paragraph 3- 150 Words (The Real Meaning Of Friend)

I think that everybody in the world would be having friends in their life. There might be very less or almost nobody who would be devoid of this beautiful bonding. How can we decide whether a  person can be our friend or not? What is meant by a friend?  This question might have aroused several times in your mind. The person with whom we love spending our time, like to be as we are without boasting about ourselves, laughing madly with them for hours, forget all our pain and problems when we are with them and can share our happiness and problems is a friend. They are the ones who are never jealous of our success and always provide us encouragement in our lives. They help us in recognizing our strengths and doing our best in our life. We feel very light and relieved after sharing our sorrows with our friends. Friends never desire anything in return other than our happiness and love. They never mind our mistakes and forgive us easily for the same.

Paragraph 4- 200 Words (Difference Between Good And Bad Friends)

Friendship is a feeling of love, care and affection between two or more people. The life of an individual is incomplete without friends. The presence of friends in life makes it a beautiful experience. We mostly make friends with people whose way of thinking matches ours. The bond of friendship never considers any special criteria. It can happen at any time with anybody without thinking of any kind of difference. We can learn different good things from our friends.

Good and Bad Friends

Friends are really essential in our lives for our survival. Friendship is also classified into different types namely good and bad. The most important thing is that we must be very careful while choosing friends in our life. Good friends are very rare and are hard to find. They always care first regarding the happiness of the other friend before thinking of themselves. The person can never be misdirected in the company of good friends. The bad friends are those who does friendship only for their own benefit. They always show their back in times of hardships and needs. They remain with us for utilizing us for their motives. Such friends can also lead us to a wrong path that might make our life hell.  Thus, it can be stated that friendship is a very delicate bond so friends must be chosen by being careful.

Trust And Loyalty Is Foundation Of Friendship

It is evident that trust and loyalty are important for the success of every relation in this world. The bond of friendship between friends grows stronger if there is trust and loyalty in the same. It is necessary that one friend must rely on the other one to share their feelings or celebrate happy moments. The presence of good friends provides confidence and encouragement that makes us successful in our lives.

Paragraph 5- 250 Words (The Presence of Friends Changes Our Lives)

Friends are such assets of life that fills our life with exciting and cherishing memories.  They are the ones with whom we can hang around and share our feelings. This is a pure bond between two or more people without any expectation or demand other than care and love. Trust and love enhance the strength and purity of this bond with the passing of time. Friends can easily understand what is going in our minds without doing any kind of conversation with us. They care for us in a silent way and accept us as we are in reality.

The Presence Of Friends Change Our Life

Human beings have been gifted with speaking abilities that can help in connecting as well as establishing relationships with each other. We start making friends from childhood onwards and this process is continued till death. In this way, several people come and go in our lives but very few stay lifelong as our friends or best friends. The presence of friends in our life changes brings a lot of positivity to our lives. Friends are the one who encourages us when we get depressed. The time spent with them is in the form of everlasting memories that brings a smile to our face whenever we remember those moments. The act of spending time with our friends or talking to them for a while helps in reducing our stress. Friends always make us feel that we are not alone in any adverse situation in life. They are always there to understand and support us. In other words, we can say that our friends are the mirror image of us or it is someone in which we find ourselves. Life without friends is boring and lonely.      

Friendship Has No Barriers

Friendship is a bond that helps in transforming two or more strangers to become close ones. We can do friendship with anybody in this world. We never ask people their age, caste, sex, creed, etc. before making them our friends. Thus, it can be stated that nothing can become a barrier in making friends. It can be anybody with whom we love to talk, share our feelings, want to hang around and laugh freely for hours. Even a child or old people can be our friend but people are more interested in doing friendship with people of the same age as theirs. Many people love doing friendship with their pets and feel happy spending time with them. Thus, it can be said that friendship cannot be only done with human beings but also with the animals.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Friend

Q.1 Which day is observed as Friendship day in India?

Ans. Every year 1st Sunday of August is observed as Friendship day in India.

Q.2 Why it is important to have friends in our life?

Ans. Friends bring joy in our life that cannot be attained by any other things in the world.

Q.3 What is necessary for the friendship to last for a longer time?

Ans. Trust and love make the friendship last for a longer duration.

Q.4 What is the colour for friendship?

Ans. The colour for friendship is yellow.