Adverbs of Comment and Viewpoint

Simple Definition with Examples

Adverbs of viewpoint and comment are the words which provide speaker’s comment or the viewpoint on an action. There is no distinct difference between an adverb of viewpoint and adverb of comment other than their placement in the sentence. Viewpoint adverbs are placed at the beginning of the sentence and are always separated by a coma while comment adverbs are usually placed before the main verb.

Consider the sentence- Obviously, it is hot outside. In the sentence ‘obviously’ is an adverb of viewpoint telling the speakers viewpoint on the climate outside. Now, consider the sentence-‘It is obviously hot outside’. In the preceding sentence ‘obviously’ is used just before the main verb and is therefore an Adverb of Comment.

Go through the sentences given below. The first sentence begins with an Adverb of Viewpoint, while in the following sentence the same word is used as an Adverb of Comment.

  • Clearly, he was running away from the commotion.
  • He was clearly running away from the commotion.
  • Obviously, I was excited about meeting my old friends.
  • I was obviously excited about meeting my old friends.
  • Seriously, I am not going to accept their demands.
  • I am seriously not going to accept their demands.
  • Definitely, we will shift to a better location.
  • We will definitely shift to a better location.
  • Surely I will take the medicines as recommended.
  • I will surely take the medicines as recommended.
  • Cleverly, the thief hid behind the wall.
  • The thief cleverly hid behind the wall.


Obviously, unluckily, carelessly, presumably, happily, kindly, theoretically, truthfully, thoughtfully, undoubtedly, definitely, seriously, surely, technically, certainly, disappointingly, foolishly, personally, fortunately, generously, bravely, unfortunately, naturally, confidentially, luckily, obviously, rightly, simply, stupidly, unbelievably, wisely, wrongly, clearly, cleverly etc.

Exercises/Examples with Answers

Try completing the below given sentences by providing Adverbs of Viewpoint or comment as needed also specify whether it is Adverb of Comment or View point.

  1. _________, the Sun rises in the East.
  2. The sun ________ rises in the East.
  3. You _________ go through the book.
  4. I had _______ conveyed the secret message.
  5. ______, I will be there for the party.
  6. ________, he was again behaving weird.
  7. ________, the man looked troubled.
  8. He was ________ walking on the road.
  9. _______, he got up and started moving lazily.
  10. He _________ dozed off while driving.
  11. _______, he got himself out of the situation.
  12. ________, she started singing.
  13. She started singing ________.
  14. _________, the event didn’t go as well as expected.
  15. _________, he stayed there despite the warning.
  16. I will ________ help you.
  17. He reacted ________ by agreeing to their demands.
  18. Mohit _______ estimated the expenses.
  19. Some species of turtle are ________ endangered.
  20. ________, I advise you to visit your parents.

Answers- 1)obviously-viewpoint, 2)obviously-comment, 3)carefully-comment, 4)confidentially-comment, 5)surely-viewpoint, 6)unbelievably-viewpoint, 7)certainly-viewpoint,8) carefully-comment, 9)carelessly-viewpoint, 10)carelessly-comment, 11)wisely-viewpoint, 12) happily-viewpoint, 13) happily-comment, 14)unfortunately-viewpoint, 15)foolishly-viewpoint, 16) definitely-comment, 17) wisely-comment, 18)wrongly-comment, 19)critically-comment, 20)personally-viewpoint.

MCQs with Answers

Go through the sentences given below and complete them using appropriate choice provided, also stating whether it is an Adverb of Comment or viewpoint.

  • _______, you are in charge.
    1. obviously
    2. foolishly
    3. wisely
  • He will _______ come.
    1. wisely
    2. definitely
    3. critically
  • __________, it is the weather to be blamed.
    1. technically
    2. disappointingly
    3. generously
  • Rajiv _________ dropped his phone.
    1. certainly
    2. obviously
    3. unfortunately
  • Bees are _______ attracted to flowers.
    1. obviously
    2. naturally
    3. foolishly
  • _______, he didn’t understand the lecture.
    1. critically
    2. happily
    3. obviously
  • He ______ didn’t get the promotion.
    1. disappointingly
    2. generously
    3. obviously
  • ______, he forgot to sign the agreement.
    1. critically
    2. eagerly
    3. foolishly
  • He _____ narrated the whole incident.
    1. obviously
    2. stupidly
    3. truthfully
  • _______, he escaped from being caught.
    1. precisely
    2. politely
    3. cleverly
  • He was ______ asking for some money.
    1. surely
    2. clearly
    3. strangely
  • He ______ treated the poor.
    1. obviously
    2. surely
    3. kindly
  • _______, I reached on time despite the traffic.
    1. simply
    2. fortunately
    3. surely
  • _______, he forgot to switch off the lights.
    1. carelessly
    2. generously
    3. happily
  • ______, he reached on time.
    1. luckily
    2. theoretically
    3. seriously
  • She was ________ good in her performance.
    1. unbelievably
    2. wisely
    3. personally
  • He _______ presented the report.
    1. critically
    2. confidentially
    3. surely
  • _______ ,he offered him food.
    1. generously
    2. happily
    3. foolishly
  • ________, the people walked away.
    1. thoughtfully
    2. obviously
    3. wisely
  • _______, I was blamed for the losses.
    1. foolishly
    2. wrongly
    3. theoretically

Answers- 1) a-viewpoint, 2) b- comment, 3) a- viewpoint, 4) c- comment, 5) b- comment, 6) c- viewpoint, 7) a- comment, 8) c- viewpoint, 9) c- comment, 10) c- viewpoint, 11) b- comment, 12) c- comment, 13) b- viewpoint, 14) a- viewpoint, 15) a- viewpoint, 16) a- comment, 17) b- comment, 18) a- viewpoint, 19) a-viewpoint, 20) b- viewpoint.

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