Adverbs of Degree/Intensity/Quantity

Simple Definition with Examples

Adverbs of degree tell us about the intensity of something. Adverbs of Degree are usually placed before the adverbs, adjectives or verbs that they modify.

Consider the sentence- ‘The water is too cold’. In the sentence ‘too’ is an Adverb of Intensity, modifying the verb ‘cold’ and stating its intensity. Go through the sentences given below and try finding out the Adverbs of Intensity on your own. Later check your progress with the answers provided.

  • My job is almost done.
  • Oxygen is absolutely necessary for all living beings.
  • Given to the injury, he could barely eat.
  • The responsibility for the conduct of a class lies completely with the class teacher.
  • He was deeply influenced by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda.
  • Ramesh earns enough to meet his daily requirements.
  • To achieve good grades in exams; you should be extremely attentive in class.
  • The two planes came pretty close to each other.
  • I strongly recommend yoga, for good health.
  • The doctor thoroughly examined the patient before prescribing medicines.
  • You are too late to board the plane.

Have you guessed the correct word? Crosscheck with the following answers provided.

Answers- : almost, absolutely, barely, completely, deeply, enough, extremely, pretty, strongly, thoroughly and too.

What is Interrogative Adverbs of Degree

Interrogative Adverb of Degree is used to ask for the amount of intensity of a verb or thing. For example-

  • How much more advice do you need before starting?
  • How much more sacrifices are needed before we achieve our goal?
  • How much more milk are you going to drink?
  • How much more evidences does the court needs?
  • How much more examples do you need to understand?


almost, absolutely, awfully, badly, barely, completely, decidedly, deeply, enough, enormously, entirely, extremely, fairly, fully, greatly, hardly, highly, how, incredibly, indeed, intensely, just, least, less, little, lots, most, much, nearly, perfectly, positively, practically, pretty, purely, quite, rather, really, scarcely, simply, so, somewhat, strongly, terribly, thoroughly, too, totally, utterly, very, virtually, well etc.

Exercises/Worksheet/Activities with Answers

Try completing the given sentences by filling in appropriate Adverbs of Degree. You can cross check your progress with the answers provided at the end of the exercise.

  • Water is _______ necessary for plants to grow.
  • I am ______ halfway from completing my dream project.
  • He was _______ tired after the journey.
  • The principal held the teacher _______ responsible for declining grades.
  • The mountain was ______ visible due to the fog.
  • A ______ grown plant, yield fruits.
  • Atharva’s grades have ________ improved since last year.
  • My Principal _______ dislikes any act of indiscipline.
  • Being a true sports man, he was ______ bothered by winning or losing.
  • The picture _______ blended with the wall.
  • Sujit was behaving a _______ awkward in the party.
  • He is spending ______ of his time in writing articles for newspapers.
  • If you practice regularly, your grades will _______ improve.
  • It is ______ impossible to mix oil and water together.
  • Success is ______ an outcome of hard work and perseverance.
  • I had ________ been there, when they announced my name.
  • I am _______ sorry for the losses you incurred.
  • Though he was physically present in the class, his mind was ______ absent.
  • Due to abject poverty, their life became ________ miserable.
  • He was ______ dreaming of building a castle in air.

Answers- : absolutely, almost, awfully, completely, barely, fully, fairly, intensely, hardly, perfectly, little, most, considerably, practically, totally, scarcely, terribly, completely, utterly, virtually.

Note: Try forming new sentences by using the Adverbs of Degree given in the above list.

Quiz/Exercise: Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

  • ______ hungry, I reached for the fridge.
    1. absolutely
    2. barely
    3. awfully
    4. practically
  • Because of the inclement weather, the crops were damaged _______.
    1. incredibly
    2. badly
    3. practically
    4. very much
  • Within few seconds of taking off, the plane was ________ out of sight.
    1. completely
    2. fully
    3. perfectly
    4. pretty
  • From where I stood, I could ______ see the procession.
    1. barely
    2. absolutely
    3. obediently
    4. previously
  • You should have ________ if you want to help others.
    1. minimum
    2. much
    3. enough
    4. pretty
  • Later he admitted that the payment has ________ been made.
    1. truly
    2. frantically
    3. purely
    4. indeed
  • An Indian black bear is identified with an _______ black colour.
    1. intensely
    2. absolutely
    3. hardly
    4. positively
  • He was _______ shaken by the plight of the poor.
    1. deeply
    2. happily
    3. absolutely
    4. virtually
  • He was thinking _______ towards meeting his sales target.
    1. positively
    2. negatively
    3. deeply
    4. totally
  • He was ______ much involved in the financial matters.
    1. pretty
    2. totally
    3. deeply
    4. absolutely
  • Business community is _______ bothered about the society.
    1. absolute
    2. least
    3. highly
    4. badly
  • The house he rented is _______ far from his college.
    1. good
    2. deeply
    3. quite
    4. hugely
  • I would ______ choose to fight back than to sit back and do nothing.
    1. rather
    2. totally
    3. utterly
    4. very
  • I _______ agree to the suggestions of the Board of Directors.
    1. totally
    2. badly
    3. c) truely
    4. well
  • There was _______ more to it than what matched the eyes.
    1. good
    2. lot
    3. indeed
    4. totally
  • A child’s true potential needs to be ______ explored.
    1. fully
    2. absolutely
    3. truly
    4. deeply
  • I had ________ pressed the bell, when the door banged open.
    1. lately
    2. scarcely
    3. scarily
    4. prudently
  • He was _______ having no clue about the financial matters.
    1. completely
    2. absolutely
    3. indeed
    4. lately
  • Our principal is _______ respected by students and staff alike.
    1. incredibly
    2. highly
    3. scarcely
    4. positively
  • The shortage of funds left the factory ________ functional.
    1. barely
    2. totally
    3. incredibly
    4. absolutely

Answers– 1(c), 2(b), 3(a), 4(a), 5(c), 6(d), 7(a), 8(a), 9(a), 10(a), 11(b), 12(c), 13(a), 14(a), 15(b), 16(a), 17(b), 18(a), 19(b) and 20(a)

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