Adverbs of Manner

Simple Definition with Examples

Adverbs of Manner tell us the way or how something is being done. It modifies a verb to provide more meaning to it. For example, the sentence- ‘He speaks’, can be more elaborated by adding an adverb of manner to it. That is-‘politely’. The sentence becomes ‘He speaks politely’.

Where politely is an adverb of manner providing more meaning to the verb ‘speaks’ by telling actually how it is being done. Adverbs of Manners almost always end with ‘ly’. To get a better understanding of ‘Adverbs of Manner’, we will go through few of the sentences using ‘Adverbs of Manner’.

  • Frustrated with the commotion, he screamed angrily.
  • The flowers were placed beautifully in the vase.
  • You should drive carefully.
  • He deliberately chose to opt out of the competition.
  • You could have easily got the ticket if you had wanted.
  • He was apprehended because he was driving fast.
  • Hearing the alarm, I hurriedly came out of the building.
  • He innocently denied the charges pressed against him.
  • After a long voyage, the ship mysteriously disappeared.
  • He was moving nervously towards the examination hall.
  • Despite being in hurry, I patiently waited for you.

Try identifying the ‘Adverbs of Manner’ in the above sentences. Remember that it ends with ‘ly’ and provides explanation as to how a verb is being performed. Check your progress with the answers provided below-

Answers (in sequence)-: angrily, beautifully, carefully, deliberately, easily, fast, hurriedly, innocently, mysteriously, nervously and patiently.

What is Interrogative Adverbs of Manner

The interrogative Adverb ‘how’ is used to ask about the manner in which a verb occurs. Consider the examples given below-

  • How do you plan to go to Delhi?
  • How is your kid doing?
  • How will you identify the car belonging to your father?
  • How the ships sail during high tide?
  • How fluent are you in speaking English?


angrily, anxiously, awkwardly, badly, beautifully, calmly, carefully, carelessly, cautiously, cheerfully, clearly, closely, correctly, deliberately, eagerly, easily, enthusiastically, fast, fondly, frankly, frantically, gently, happily, healthily, hurriedly, innocently, kindly, loudly, mysteriously, naturally, neatly, nervously, noisily, obediently, patiently, perfectly, politely, powerfully etc.


Adverbs of Manner: Exercises with Answers

Try completing the following sentences by providing appropriate Adverbs of Manner.

  • She sings ______.
  • He frowned _______.
  • I _____ waited for the bus.
  • He started moving _______ towards the garage.
  • He opted out of elections, since he lost ______ last year.
  • National Flag was waving ________ over the President’s House.
  • We were instructed to read the question paper ________.
  • He was fined for driving _______ on a busy road.
  • I _______ told him about the shortcomings in his thesis.
  • He gets _______ intimidated.
  • The doctor ______ held the baby and smiled.
  • He left _____ for his hometown.
  • I request you to _____ consider my leave application.
  • The teacher spoke ______ in order to be heard by back benchers.
  • Do your homework ______.
  • We all must _______ follow the road safety rules.
  • Despite being in hurry, I ______ waited for the lecture to get over.
  • The Investor turned down his proposal _______.
  • The administration _________ reacted to the situation.
  • If intimidated, any wild animal can charge __________.

Answers-: softly, angrily, eagerly, slowly, badly, beautifully, carefully, carelessly, frankly, easily, gently, happily, gently, loudly, neatly, promptly, patiently, politely, promptly and powerfully.

Quiz: Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Try the following exercises by choosing the most appropriate Adverbs of Manner from the options given.

  • Because of low pressure in tire, the car was moving ______ on the road.
    1. beautifully
    2. neatly
    3. awkwardly
    4. promptly
  • A crouching man can _____ be mistaken for natural food by preying animal.
    1. eagerly
    2. easily
    3. politely
    4. fastly
  • When faced with long queues, you must ________ wait for your turn.
    1. powerfully
    2. hurriedly
    3. eagerly
    4. patiently
  • Despite being intimidated, he reacted _______.
    1. politely
    2. angrily
    3. eagerly
    4. happily
  • The team _______ left for the next match.
    1. silently
    2. angrily
    3. cheerfully
    4. desperately
  • A drowning man _______ looks for something to hold on.
    1. desperately
    2. easily
    3. angrily
    4. patiently
  • The mountain was _______ visible from where I was.
    1. clear
    2. absolutely
    3. powerfully
    4. clearly
  • We need to treat the poor _______.
    1. promptly
    2. angrily
    3. powerfully
    4. gently
  • Sometimes to get yourself heard, you need to speak _______.
    1. promptly
    2. badly
    3. inquisitively
    4. loudly
  • Ramesh was always ________ fond of driving.
    1. absolutely
    2. enthusiastically
    3. frankly
    4. frantically
  • Feared of getting caught, he ________ looked for a place to hide.
    1. frantically
    2. fondly
    3. gently
    4. eagerly
  • He waited ______ for his turn to speak.
    1. frankly
    2. politely
    3. patiently
    4. gently
  • Hearing the commotion, I _______ ran towards the exit.
    1. hurriedly
    2. softly
    3. diligently
    4. inquisitively
  • A mother is ______ fond of her child.
    1. naturally
    2. patiently
    3. absolutely
    4. enthusiastically
  • He ______ put one arm around his friend.
    1. angrily
    2. fondly
    3. naturally
    4. healthily
  • He lived _______ after the operation.
    1. eagerly
    2. gently
    3. healthily
    4. fondly
  • Rohit gets ______ intimidated.
    1. easily
    2. angrily
    3. naturally
    4. politely
  • The UFOs are known to ________ disappear within seconds.
    1. mysteriously
    2. slowly
    3. fastly
    4. deliberately
  • Suddenly the ambulance started moving ______ towards the hospital.
    1. fast
    2. beautifully
    3. calmly
    4. neatly
  • Fearing action the thief was walking ________.
    1. nervously
    2. happily
    3. politely
    4. patiently

Answers-: 1(c), 2(b), 3(d), 4(a), 5(c), 6(a), 7(d), 8(d), 9(d), 10(b), 11(a), 12(c), 13(a), 14(a), 15(b), 16(c), 17(a), 18(a), 19(a) and 20(a).

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