Adverbs of Affirmation and Negation

Simple definition with Examples

Adverb of Affirmation or Negation is a word which declares that something is true or some equivalent expression or negative statement, judgment or a logical proposition. Some examples of affirmation and negation are – certainly, definitely, never, no etc. The first two words are the Adverbs of Affirmation while the latter are the Adverbs of Negation.

What is the Difference between Adverbs of Affirmation and Adverbs of Negation?

Consider the sentence – ‘I will definitely do that’. Word ‘definitely’ affirms the listener that the speaker is going to do the task which is being talked about. ‘Definitely’ is therefore an Adverb of Affirmation. Consider another sentence – ‘I will never do that’. In the sentence ‘never’ negates the sentence by telling that the speaker is not going to do the particular task. ‘Never’ is therefore an Adverb of Negation.

Read the sentences given below and try to identify the Adverbs of Negation or Affirmation in them and verify your progress with the answers provided below.

  • She is certainly going through hard time.
  • There was no visibility during the rains.
  • Teachers should never agree to the illogical demands of the students.
  • Eager to know his son’s progress, he will definitely attend the parent’s teacher meeting.
  • The moon is very clearly visible from the terrace of my house.
  • Things turned out to be exactly the same as expected.
  • On all my visits to the forests, I rarely spotted a tiger.
  • I had hardly gone for few miles, when the car broke down.
  • The generator I have is scarcely ever used.
  • With the kind of dedication he has, he will surely be rewarded at work.
  • After the Principal’s resignation the students can hardly be controlled.

Answers-: certainly (Adverb of Affirmation), no (negation), never (negation), definitely (affirmation), clearly (affirmation), exactly (affirmation), rarely (negation), hardly (negation), scarcely (negation), surely (affirmation) and hardly (negation).


  • List of Affirmative Words

Absolutely, affirmatively, assertedly, avowedly, clearly, truly, definitely, doubtlessly, exactly, alright, obviously, positively, really, sure, surely, undoubtedly, yes, certainly, by all means, verily etc.

  • List of Negation Words

Nothing, nowhere, not at all, contradictorily, almost, invalidly, never, no, not or words ending n’t such as haven’t, rarely, scarcely etc.

Exercises/Worksheets/Activities with Answers

Try completing the following sentences by adding Adverbs of Affirmation or Negation, which ever completes the sentence appropriately. Verify your answers with those provided at the end of exercise.

1) I am ________ going to the school today.

2) You have ________ to do with my business.

3) I can _______ repay my parents for their blessings.

4) You can ________ consult a doctor if required.

5) His solo performance was ________ stunning.

6) I am ______ going to the party because of the exams.

7) The Manager _________ concede to the demands of the employees.

8) Spoilt kids are _______ seen to be successful.

9) From where I stood, I could _______ see inside the room.

10)  Water is _______ available during summer.

11) Rahul _______ got his phone registered for mobile gaming.

12) I have ______ seen a fully grown up elephant in wild till date.

13) I reached there on time but the Principal was ______ to be seen.

14) ____ convict will admit to his crime unless proven.

15) He _______ declared the value of his car for resale.

16) He had spent all his vacation relaxing and doing _______.

17) We must be ______ about achieving our monthly target.

18) Just try to be there on time __________.

19) It was _______ a miracle, which saved his life.

20) I am ________ an employee of XYZ Corporation.

Answers- 1) both ‘definitely’- an adverb of affirmation and’ not’- an adverb of negation can be used. 2) nothing-negation, 3) never-negation, 4) certainly-affirmation, 5) absolutely- affirmation, 6) not-negation, 7) did not-negation, 8) rarely-negation, 9) clearly-affirmation, 10) scarcely-negation, 11) invalidly-negation, 12) never-negation, 13) nowhere-negation,14) no-negation, 15) assertedly-affirmative, 16) nothing-negation, 17) sure-affirmative, 18) by all means-affirmative, 19) truly-affirmative, 20) no more- negation.

Now try to form different sentences using Adverbs of Affirmation and Negation on your own.

Quiz/Examples with Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Try completing the following sentences by using the words given in choices. Also try to form more sentences using both affirmative and negation adverbs.

Adverbs of Affirmation: Quiz/Examples with MCQs and Answers:

Complete the below sentences by choosing the Adverbs of Affirmation from the choices given:

  • It was ______ an act of courage that saved the lives of millions.
    1. not at all
    2. not
    3. never
    4. definitely
  • The price of the asset was ________ declared by the bidding agency.
    1. assertedly
    2. truly
    3. rarely
    4. not at all
  • Mahatma Gandhi is _______ the most revered freedom fighter of Indian freedom struggle.
    1. rarely
    2. certainly
    3. almost
    4. never
  • After the lecture is over, I am ______ going to the auditorium.
    1. never
    2. not
    3. also
    4. surely
  • India will _______ emerge as the world’s largest economy in few years.
    1. undoubtedly
    2. never
    3. may
    4. not
  • It is _____ if you finish your job on time.
    1. bad
    2. positive
    3. all right
    4. rare
  • ______ I will make the payment as promised.
    1. no
    2. yes
    3. today
    4. never ever
  • I am _____ about his success in whichever field he chooses.
    1. doubtful
    2. sure
    3. not sure
    4. confused
  • I will ______ help you.
    1. definitely
    2. never
    3. not at all
    4. not
  • He is _____ a great teacher.
    1. not
    2. truly
    3. not at all
    4. scarcely

Answers- 1 (d), 2 (a), 3 (b), 4 (d), 5 (a), 6 (c), 7 (b), 8 (b), 9 (a), 10 (b)

Adverbs of Negation: Quiz/Examples with MCQs and Answers:

  • My friend _______ has a bike, so we go together.
    1. doesn’t
    2. certainly
    3. definitely
    4. also
  • Water is so _______ found in some parts of Rajasthan that you have to walk for miles to get it.
    1. profoundly
    2. scarcely
    3. never
    4. plenty
  • If you don’t speak assertively, ____ one will ever believe you.
    1. every
    2. some
    3. no
    4. any
  • He pledged to ________ disrespect his elders.
    1. never
    2. ever
    3. surely
    4. sure
  • I was expecting him to deny, but ________ he accepted.
    1. Contradictorily
    2. never
    3. absolutely
    4. certainly
  • The sea liner was _______ visible due to the mist.
    1. rarely
    2. hardly
    3. clearly
    4. exactly
  • He _______ to take the medication.
    1. refused
    2. accepted
    3. did not
    4. could not
  • When apprehended he _______ his involvement.
    1. accepted
    2. denied
    3. declined
    4. conceded
  • You will _______ not going to the Republic Day parade.
    1. regret
    2. accept
    3. cheer
    4. obviously
  • I _______ have a driving license.
    1. sure
    2. truly
    3. don’t
    4. definitely

Answers- 1 (a), 2 (b), 3 (c), 4 (a), 5 (a), 6 (b), 7 (a), 8 (b), 9 (a), 10 (c)

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