Adverbs of Frequency

Simple Definition with Examples

An adverb of frequency defines the frequency of occurrence of an event. There are two types of Adverbs of frequency – adverbs of definite frequency and the adverbs of indefinite frequency. ‘Weekly’, ‘annually’, ‘daily’, ‘fortnightly’ are some of the examples of definite frequency adverbs. ‘Often’, ‘sometimes’, ‘infrequently’ and ‘rarely’ are some examples of indefinite frequency adverbs.

Go through the below sentences for example and try finding out the definite or indefinite adverbs of frequency on your own.

  • He is used to commute daily by public transport.
  • He rarely drinks tea.
  • Rahul often visits the community temple to seek blessings.
  • He was paid hourly for his services.
  • The world is constantly under threat from pollution.
  • He never reaches school on time.
  • Many companies have a quarterly assessment of their balance sheets.
  • The candidates were regularly informed through written correspondence.
  • Our principal conducts weekly inspection of each class.
  • If you don’t act responsibly, you will regret later.

In the first sentence ‘daily’ is an adverb of definite frequency as it provides a definite period of the occurrence of the incident- commuting. Now consider the second sentence. Does the word ‘rarely’ provide any fixed time frequency? It just means not too often or not frequently. ‘Rarely’ is therefore an adverb of indefinite frequency. Now go through the remaining sentences and practice on your own. For your convenience the answer for the remaining sentences are provided below.

Answers – often- indefinite frequency, hourly-definite frequency, constantly- indefinite, never-indefinite, quarterly-definite, regularly-indefinite, weekly-definite, later- indefinite.


Always, infrequently, usually, often, normally, annually, weekly, never, hourly, sometimes, never, hardly ever, constantly, continually, frequently, intermittently, fortnightly, periodically, rarely, regularly, generally, seldom, now, almost, eventually, quarterly, weekly, occasionally, later, then etc.

Examples/Exercises/Activities with Answers:

Complete the following sentences using appropriate Adverbs of frequency. Also mention whether they are Adverbs of definite frequency or Adverbs of Indefinite frequency. Verify your progress with the answers provided in the end of the exercise.

  • He is _________ seen with his friends.
  • You should rest ________ during sickness.
  • I travel to my home town ________ on Saturdays.
  • His performance was ________ assessed by the management.
  • Christmas is celebrated _________ on 25th.
  • At first he denied but ________ confessed the crime.
  • Some Indian states have _________ witnessed earthquake since independence.
  • I ________ check the status of my mailbox.
  • I ______ miss my favorite sports event.
  • The Sun will _______ rise from the West.
  • Being a kind man, he _______ pays for the charity.
  • We were ______ there when we lost direction.
  • He wrote ________ to the trustee of the organization about the finances.
  • Because of some technical problem the car was moving ________.
  • After a long delay, _________ the flight landed.
  • He was ________ speaking to his lawyer about the progress in the case.
  • He is so scared of water that you will ________ see him swimming.
  • You need to clear all your dues _______.
  • He visits his grandparents’ ________.
  • When I was a child I did not _______ travelled to my native village.

Answers- 1) usually-indefinite, 2) frequently-indefinite, 3) weekly-definite, 4) quarterly-definite, 5) annually-definite, 6) later-indefinite,7) periodically-indefinite, 8) hourly-definite, 9) rarely-indefinite, 10) never-indefinite, 11) regularly-indefinite, 12) almost-indefinite, 13) fortnightly-definite, 14) intermittently-indefinite, 15) eventually-indefinite, 16) constantly-indefinite, 17) ever-indefinite, 18) now-definite, 19) sometimes-indefinite, 20) infrequently-indefinite.

Exercises/Activities with MCQs and Answers

Try completing the exercises on your own, choosing the appropriate frequency adverb from the choices given, also determine its type- definite or indefinite frequency.

  • I _______ switch off the lights before leaving the room.
    1. never
    2. always
    3. seldom
  • I only _______ get dressed up in traditional attire.
    1. occasionally
    2. never
    3. always
  • Hindus’ celebrate Deepawali _______ on the darkest night of lunar month.
    1. annually
    2. often
    3. eventually
  • There are many ______ buses running from Mumbai to Pune.
    1. rarely
    2. hourly
    3. constantly
  • The man who rows the boat, _______ has time to rock it.
    1. often
    2. hardly ever
    3. seldom
  • He complained _______ about the quality of food.
    1. yearly
    2. continually
    3. generally
  • However hard you try, __________ the things get out of control.
    1. often
    2. sometimes
    3. never
  • A thief will ________ accept his guilt.
    1. never
    2. ever
    3. often
  • He was instructed to visit the doctor ________.
    1. always
    2. seldom
    3. fortnightly
  • Due to the heavy traffic, I _______ take the metro.
    1. often
    2. rarely
    3. seldom
  • He _______ stays out of trouble.
    1. occasionally
    2. often
    3. normally
  • The Indian President’s cavalcade is _______ followed by his bodyguards.
    1. rarely
    2. generally
    3. ever
  • You should work hard ______ only you will succeed.
    1. frequently
    2. constantly
    3. then
  • He travels __________, always changing his location.
    1. intermittently
    2. rarely
    3. ever
  • I _______ speak to my best friend over phone.
    1. seldom
    2. frequently
    3. hardly
  • Even the best of men, _______ lose their cool.
    1. sometimes
    2. rarely
    3. daily
  • Ronit watches his favorite TV show ______.
    1. daily
    2. hourly
    3. monthly
  • Most skilled employees are paid ________ for their services.
    1. monthly
    2. yearly
    3. rarely
  • We should _____ contribute to the poor children on Children’s day.
    1. surely
    2. occasionally
    3. yearly
  • Those who know more _______ speak.
    1. seldom
    2. often
    3. continuously

Answers- 1 (b), 2 (a), 3 (a), 4 (b), 5 (c), 6 (b), 7 (b), 8 (a), 9 (c), 10 (a), 11 (c), 12 (b), 13 (c), 14 (a), 15 (b), 16 (a), 17 (a), 18 (a), 19 (c), 20 (a).

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