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“God helps those who help themselves” is the famous phrase, directly indicates that without doing efforts or hard work nothing can be achieved and it’s only you and your efforts that can help you in getting something good in life. Some people believe in God in such manner that they think God will do everything for them and rescue them from any kind of trouble. Thus they quit to do efforts even for themselves and leave all on God which is completely not acceptable. God also can’t help those who don’t initiate or do efforts even for themselves, either physically or mentally.

Sample essay on God helps those who help themselves for Students

Essay 1 (400 words)


To get something in life everyone has to do efforts and if we leave all on God without even initiating then we are proved being unwise and foolish in front of all. God is creator of this universe and blessed each of us with some particular quality or ability, to utilize our individual capability in right manner is only our duty and responsibility. “God helps those who help themselves” is the old saying completely agrees the above example.

Example of this Fact

Many stories are based on this phrase “God helps those who help themselves”, one of them is about a man, who was going somewhere by a bullock cart and on the mid way his bullock cart stuck in mud. He looked around for help but could not found anyone nearby. He started cursing God without doing any effort.

After some time some people passed through his way and asked him that why he is sitting like that then he replied that my bullock cart has stuck in mud and God is not helping me. Those people advised him that until you will not try for it then how you could imagine that your bullock cart will unstuck from mud. He understood their advice and tried to pull cart from mud and after few efforts he got success. By this story, we learn that God help those who help themselves.

Like above, many other stories proved this phrase that God helps those who help themselves. We should do our work without depending on others or expecting from God. To do efforts they should first initiate with proper planning and determination.

Hard work and time management are the best way of getting success in any field. Those people, who think that just because God has created this world He will always take care of them and their family, are actually very far from the truth and living in a world of fantasy. God cannot help those people who just wait for His help without even initiating.


“Work is worship” is the English proverb and somehow relates with the phrase “God helps those who help themselves”. People should do their part of work; the right path automatically opens for them. Laziness and idleness are the biggest enemies of a man which prohibits them in getting success and achieve something in life.

Essay 2 (600 words)


“God helps those who help themselves”, this English proverb was written by someone to make people understand the importance of hard work, patience and determination. In this world, many people are there who believe that God will come and solve their all problems in a moment. If we trust on God then we are not wrong but if we depend on God then we are completely wrong.

God helps those who help themselves

God always favour those people who at least try or initiate for doing their tasks. Man mind is combination of two individual thoughts; one is positive and other is negative. The thought which is more powerful and dominating, develops and create an individual personality. A person, who has faith in God, will always in favour of positivity and does not let the negative thoughts dominate. And this mental strength due to believe in God is automatically a kind of help from God for human being.

God will help you but you have to first initiate, this is the biggest truth of life and everyone is somehow relate with this. Without starting up of any work, how can you even imagine its completion? Some people have a blind faith on God that someday God will appear and solve their problem one by one, but they have to realize that they are themselves who can help them, no one else. Since starting till the completion of any task, it requires your complete attention, hard work and patience.

Here is a story on this phrase “God helps those who help themselves”. Once upon a time there was a person, who was the true believer of God. Some day unfortunately he was drowning in the river. While drowning, a branch of tree came on his way, he could hold it but refused because he was in confusion that God will himself appear and save him from drowning.

After some time he found a log floating nearby but he again refused to hold it and third time a boat came on his way. The boatman offered him help but still he refused to take help, thus after some time he died due to drowning. In heaven, when he met to God, he asked why God has not saved him from drowning then God replied that I offered you help three times in form of a branch of tree, a log and a boat but all the time you refused to take help.

Then tell me what else I could do for you. Then he realized that God give us chance but it’s our responsibility to grab and utilize it in right manner. From this example, we can easily understand that “God helps those who help themselves”.

We are human being and blessed with physical power and mental strength. If we will not use our capabilities in right manner then our life is completely useless. God has always indirectly shown us a right path using different ways but to walk on that path is our duty. If we would not still understand his indication then nothing and no one can help us. We need to perform well in life; doors of success will automatically open for us.


A human life is full of difficulties and struggles which they have to face at different stages. We just need to have patience and determination. Never give up and never lose your faith from God, he will surely guide you by giving some kind of sign. But, it is required that you do not leave to do efforts until you don’t get success.

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