10 Lines on World Photography Day

Photography is the art of capturing real-life moments and presenting the same on a sheet of paper. We can never hold any moment of our life or make it happen once again for us. Photography enables us to live those moments again as they can only be captured in the form of photographs.

Many among us are fond of the hobby of photography and have good skill of capturing images in a different way and angle. The sets of ten lines on World Photography Day will make you all know about this day. I hope it might be useful for the students and readers.

Ten Lines on World Photography Day

Set – 1

1) World Photography Day is commemorated on 19 August annually.

2) The word ‘Photography’ was first coined by Sir John Herschel in 1839.

3) It is the international celebration of the invention of this skill of photography.

4) The concept of celebrating this day began in 1839.

5) This day is meant for recognition of the importance of photography in our life.

6) The people having a love for this art make others aware of the field of photography.

7) On this day people also remember the great photographers for their immense contribution to this field.

8) The first durable photograph taken through red, green, and blue filters was developed in 1861.

9) The field of photography has advanced a lot as compared back to the 18th century.

10) The whole world can participate in the joy of celebration by clicking one beautiful picture on our smartphones.

Set – 2

1) World Photography day states about sharing of the ideas and love of people for this art worldwide.

2) Every year 19th August is observed as World Photography Day.

3) The celebration of this day traces back its roots to the invention of the Daguerreotype process of photography.

4) The credit for inventing this process goes to Louis Daguerre and Nicephore Niepce in 1837.

5) The beginning of this celebration initiated in 1839 after the French government purchased the patent for the process and announced it as a gift to the whole world.

6) The day is celebrated to make people aware of this wonderful skill.

7) People discuss and appreciate the skills of great photographers.

8) The first digital photograph in 1957 was taken twenty years before the development of digital cameras.

9) There are various photography events and competitions held in honor of this day.

10) Every field has been benefitted from the art and creativity of the field of photography.

Photography has been very important in our lives. It is because of the absence of cameras that we do not know how the world was in previous times. Today we can even see those things in form of photographs that is difficult for us to see by our eyes. Even the images of space are available to us in the form of photographs. It has benefitted us in every field like education, entertainment, medicine, tourism, etc. The wonders of photography are speechless.