10 Lines on Windmill

The device which is responsible for converting wind’s kinetic energy to produce electricity is termed as windmill.

Apart from some basic necessities to live a happy life there are some other requirements which make our life easy and comfortable. One of them is electricity. Electricity is required to perform every work easily however, there are still some places in our country that lack power. But do you know from where electricity is generated? There are many ways to produce power. Today, we will discuss one of the traditional methods of electricity generation. Yes, we are going to discuss the windmill.

Ten Lines on Windmill in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on Windmill in the form of sets. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The language is kept easy so that you can quickly understand various information related to a windmill.

Set 1

1) Windmill is responsible for producing electricity through winds.

2) It comes under the category of green energy which is generated through natural resources.

3) Wind turbine, wind pump, wind engine, etc are the different names of a windmill.

4) Windmill is a tall structure with rotating blades.

5) The places where we find many windmills are known as wind parks or wind power plants.

6) Smock mill, tower mill, fan mill, post mill are the four types of windmills.

7) The first windmill was developed by Daniel Halladay on 29 August 1854.

8) The rotating blade of the windmill uses aerodynamic force to produce electricity.

9) Apart from generating power they are also used for grinding grains and pumping water.

10) Netherlands is known as the land of windmills, due to the presence of a large number of historic windmills.

Set 2

1) During the 9th century the first horizontal windmill was developed in Iran.

2) The first vertical windmill was registered in the 12th century in northwestern Europe.

3) Today, windmills are being replaced by many other modern power generating sources.

4) Windmill is basically found in the area near the shores of large water bodies.

5) The fast blade will rotate; more energy will be produced.

6)  Windmill is being used as a power source since World War I.

7) They are a pollution free and renewable source of electricity production.

8) The installation of windmills requires a large land area.

9) The tall structure of the windmill is helpful to increase the electricity output.

10) Tower, blade, rotor, and anemometer are the main component of a windmill.


Due to many advances in technologies, things are getting modified as well as changed. Many power-generating devices are established today. We can also find modifications in the construction of windmills. Windmills are considered as the best solution for generating electricity as it is a renewable resource. Unlike fossil fuels, it does not emit any harmful substance into the atmosphere.

I hope the above given ten points on Windmill would be useful for you to know the uses as well as the working process of the windmill.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Windmill

Q.1 Where is the largest wind farm in the world?

Ans. The Gansu wind farm situated in China is considered as the largest wind farm in the world.

Q.2 Which country has more windmills?

Ans. China is the leader of wind energy in the world.