10 Lines on Uses of Internet

Internet is considered as a boon to mankind. It not only helps us to connect our near and dear ones but a way to simplify many things in life. Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life now and it has become impossible to dream a life without internet. It is a medium which has reduced the distance between countries and brought us closer to our friends and family.

Apart from educational, entertainment, research and business it has also become a medium of e-governance.

Ten Lines on Uses of Internet in English

The uses of internet are vast though we have tried to summarized the uses in the below 10 lines on the uses of internet which will help you to understand how internet has simplified our life.

10 Lines on Uses of Internet - 1

1) Internet has many uses and it has touched the life of almost everyone.

2) E-mail is the most common use of internet which helps in sending messages to any one across the world in few seconds.

3) Web portals and websites are best way to spread awareness and information.

4) Gone are the days of standing in the queue of banks, now there is E-banking which helps to bring bank to your doorsteps.

5) Internet is the ocean of knowledge, anything you name it and you will find it on Google.

6) Internet is the best tutor and a medium of spreading education.

7) It is a boon for the students to learn their academics in an interesting audio visual medium without flipping the pages of their boring books.

8) The normal course of business routine also has been boosted by the use of the internet.

9) From food to shopping, from banks to healthcare everything is available online.

10) Internet has become very affordable nowadays which has also helped the rural population for their growth and development.


Here is another set of 10 lines on uses of internet for your easiness and help you better understand the uses of internet. You can easily understand and learn these lines for your exam, school assignment, formative and summative assessments or paragraph recitation in the class:

10 Lies on Uses of Internet - 2

1) Days are gone when video calling was a fantasy; internet had made it a reality.

2) E-commerce has brought the shopping on your finger tips and delivery at you doorsteps.

3) Internet is a medium of free and cost effective communication via messaging apps.

4) Internet is the best tutor especially for the under-privileged who can’t afford higher education.

5) It is the best medium of entertainment which provides movies, songs, video on demand etc.

6) Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. are the best way of connecting people.

7) Video conferencing is one of the best uses of internet especially for the business purpose where we can interact with clients sitting abroad that too face to face.

8) Internet has also become a medium of advertisement owing to its vast reach.

9) The Job Portals have made the job hunting an easy process which has helped millions of youth.

10) Internet has converted our world into a small city where everyone is connected to everyone.

Internet has made our life more convenient and smarter. It has also helped the concept of internet of things where we can control everything via internet. We can keep watch on our house and also control our electronic appliances via internet. Internet is the revolution of information and technology helping mankind for its growth and development.