10 Lines on Success

There is no specific definition of success; success is a state of achieving that particular thing, which you were trying to get. The meaning of success is different for every one as it is an individual case. It propagates in the mind of an individual. Success comes from a happy and a relaxed mind, one cannot become successful if his mind has not achieved the level of happiness; similarly one cannot become successful if he is not happy with what he has got and achieved.

Success also comes from failure; a failed person can understand the meaning of success better than the person who has already got it. Success gives encouragement to do more hard work and gives another opportunity to a failure to prove his worth.

Ten Lines on Success in English

We are providing 10 lines on success in English so that, after reading these lines you can understand what is success and can implement in your life. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph in your exam as well as in competition.

10 Lines on Success – Set 1

1) Success can be regarded as a measure of how much satisfied and happy you are in your life.

2) Success doesn’t have any timeline i.e. it doesn’t matter what you were in past, it matters what you are in present.

3) The way to success is not a straight one; it has lots of twists and turns and sometimes U-turn in the life of an individual.

4) In order to become successful in your life, first of all you have to set your goals; those things which will help you in achieving success.

5) Make a list of dreams and your wishes that you want to fulfill in various areas of your life.

6) Now focus on one goal only and try to achieve it then move on to another and so on.

7) Now determine your ability to achieve your goals and assess whether you will be able to achieve it or not.

8) There will be a moment when the plan you have made to achieve your goal will not work, then the time has come to change your strategy for achieving it.

9) Goals are nothing but an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, as different goal will require different approach.

10) Exploring your abilities, improving them and developing yourself is another method to achieve success.

We have provided another set of 10 lines on success, after going through these lines you will able to set your goals and take action on them. You can add these lines in your speeches and extempore in different competitions.

10 Lines on Success – Set 2

1) As we know that life is full of challenges, winning those challenges by our hard work and effort bring success.

2) Hard work, commitment and dedication are the basic components which makes a person successful.

3) Without passion, eagerness, excitement and willingness to work hard there is no chance of becoming successful in any walk of life.

4) Sometimes failure also comes on the road to success, but those people who never give up in spite of failures; finally achieve success.

5) Don’t copy what others are doing; it may be their approach of getting success, use your own method and way to achieve.

6) Gone were the days when it was said that “Slow and steady wins the race”, this is the time of competition where you have to be fast and accurate.

7) One thing is important that everybody commits mistake, they are the real teacher of our life, learning through mistakes leads to the path of success.

8) Success seeks endeavours, which means we must practice our skills and knowledge daily in order to meet expected or unexpected opportunities.

9) Success whether small or big, is the result of your own hard work, you must celebrate it, and this will encourage you for big preparations.

10) To become successful, you have to focus on your goals, means that there must be no deviation from your side.

Success is what everybody wants, but it comes in the hands of that person who deserves. You have to become a right contender for achieving success and for that you have to fulfill some conditions. First of all, you have to set your goals, stay focused on them, plan your work accordingly and start working on it i.e. hard work. And you have to practice it regularly and daily as it is a saying that “Practice makes a man perfect”. By following some basic rules, you will get the taste of success.