10 Lines on Sodal Mela

Baba Sodal Mela is one of the major festivals which is celebrated in Jalandhar, Punjab. This is the festival to remember the day when Baba Sodal, a local deity of Jalandhar city appeared before the devotees. The fair is organized in the vicinity of Sodal Baba Samadhi Sthal (tomb). Sodal Baba Mela has gained much popularity and limelight in recent years that people not only from Jalandhar but also from India and across the world come there to worship Sodal Baba.

Ten Lines on Sodal Mela

Set 1

1) Baba Sodal Mela is a religious fair which is held annually in Jalandhar city of Punjab.

2) Sodal Mela is celebrated to remember their local deity and a great soul, Baba Sodal.

3) Every year Sodal Mela is organized in the month of September or in the month of ‘Bhadon’.

4) Baba Sodal Samadhi (tomb) is surrounded by the Sodal Mela fair in the city.

5) The story says that Baba Sodal was born in the Chadha family of the Khatri caste of Punjab.

6) Baba Sodal appeared on the thirteenth day of Bhadon and the 14th day is known as Sodal Mela.

7) A snake-like structure made up of wheat flour called ‘Topa’ is offered to Baba Sodal.

8) Sodal Mela is celebrated in Jalandhar and people come from all around the world.

9) The best possible arrangements are done by the local administration for the devotees of Baba.

10) The idol of Baba Sodal is worshipped by a member of Chadha clan and other devotees.

Set 2

1) Sodal Baba Mela is an important festival that is celebrated in Jalandhar, Punjab, organized to pay homage to the great soul Sodal Baba, a local deity.

2) The celebration of Sodal Baba Mela is performed for one day and the venue of the fair is surrounded over the Sodal Baba Samadhi (tomb).

3) The fair of Sodal Baba is organized mainly in the month of Bhadon according to the Punjabi calendar and in September as per the Gregorian calendar.

4) Legends say that Sodal Baba’s mother took him to the pond scolding him with anger and cursed him to go away.

5) Sodal Baba obeyed her mother and suddenly disappeared into the pond and was never found again.

6) Another legend says that Sodal Baba took the form of a holy snake and informed his devotees about leaving this moral world.

7) He made his appearance on the thirteenth day of the Bhadon month therefore the fourteenth day is celebrated as ‘Sodal Baba Mela’.

8) Sodal Baba Mela is a major celebration in Jalandhar as the pilgrims come from all over Punjab as well as from the country to pay their honor to Sodal Baba.

9) It is believed that people belonging to Chadha clan should make snakes made of floor called ‘Topa’ and offer him for his blessings.

10) The idol of Sodal Baba’s Samadhi is worshipped by the members of Chadha clan and women seek baba’s blessing for having a child.

Set 3

1) Baba Sodal Mela is one of the important fairs held in the Punjab state of India.

2) It is celebrated in the month of September.

3) It falls on the 14th day of Shukla Paksha according to the Hindu calendar.

4) Baba Sodal was born in Jalandhar in a Chaddha family of the Khatri caste.

5) The story of the sacrifice of Baba Sodal is stated as the reason for celebrating this fair.

6) Baba Sodal’s mother was going to wash clothes in the nearby pond.

7) She had advised him not to follow her till pond.

8) He did not listen to her and followed her to the pond.

9) She angrily asked him to drown in the pond.

10) Baba Sodal jumped in the pond and was never seen again.

Set 4

1) Sodal Mela is an auspicious occasion in Sikhism.

2) It is a fair that is organized in Jalandhar city of Punjab.

3) The fair marks the death anniversary of Baba Sodal.

4) The ritual of mud extraction is performed on the 13th day of the month.

5) The temple is decorated beautifully before the occasion.

6) People take bath in the pond as it is considered sacred.

7) They also carry the holy water with them as a blessing.

8) The idol of Baba Sodal is placed in the temple.

9) Sodal Mela is arranged near the Samadhi of Baba Sodal.

10) People from different parts of the nation come to visit the temple and fair.

Baba Sodal Mela is a major celebration in Jalandhar where pilgrims from every corner of the world come to seek the blessings of Sodal Baba. Women who wish to have a child come to worship Sodal Baba to get their blessings to have a child. Various kinds of arrangements are made by the local administration for the ease and comfort of pilgrims who come here to attend the one-day carnival of their deity Sodal Baba.

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