10 Lines on Robotics and Machine Intelligence

In the field of Science and Technology, everyone is well aware of the term “Robotics” and “Machine Intelligence”. Today it is not sufficient for humans to be intelligent but they also want Machines to be intelligent. In order to achieve these, different techniques and inventions are taking place day by day.

Ten Lines on Robotics and Machine Intelligence in English

Here, we are presenting ten simple lines in the form of sets on Robotics and Machine Intelligence that will give you detail information about this topic.

Set 1

1) Robotics is a field which involves computer science and engineering.

2) The word Robotics is derived from the word Robot which was first mentioned by Karel Capek (writer) in his play.

3) Robotics deals with the study of manufacturing and functioning of robots.

4) Robots are machines designed to replicate human activities.

5) The first autonomous robot “Unimate” was invented in 1961.

6) Robots work on commands in form of some programming codes.

7) There are various types of robots responsible for different work.

8) Some robots require user input whereas some can work on their own (pre-programmed).

9) Robots can be designed in different shapes and sizes according to our needs.

10) “Sophia” is the first robot which got citizenship of Saudi Arabia in October 2017.

Set 2

1) Machine intelligence is the part of Artificial Intelligence yet different from it.

2) Machine intelligence is the art of making machines able to take decisions on their own.

3) There are three types of Machine Learning; Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement learning.

4) Image recognition, Voice recognition, Face recognition, etc. are some examples of Machine Intelligence.

5) Robots are widely used in the field of manufacturing, industries, healthcare, etc.

6) The introduction of Robotics will lead to decline in job opportunities for humans.

7) Construction of robots may require more asset and skills.

8) Various programming languages like C, C++ and algorithms are used in Robotics.

9) There are some humanoid Robots which work as well as behave like humans.

10) Drones are also a kind of robots (flying robot).

The world is moving towards development, where everything could be handled by Robots. We are expecting a future where we get more productivity in very short period of time. This can be achieved using higher technologies and advanced languages like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence and many more.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who is known as father of Robotics?

Ans. Joseph F. Engelberger is known as father of Robotics.   

Q.2 Can robot replace humans?

Ans. Robots are expected to replace most of the human jobs in future.

Q.3 Is Amazon Alexa a robot?

Ans. Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistance technology, an application of Artificial Intelligence.