10 Lines on River

There are a few things without which the human cannot survive for a while. Among all those things, water and air lie on the top. A river is an important source of water, and you know that our country, India, is a land of rivers. Let’s learn some more important things about the river through the sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on River in English

Find here some well written sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on River for students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can get some help in your study from these lines.

10 Lines on River

1) A river is a naturally flowing water body containing freshwater.

2) It flows towards a big water body such as an ocean or sea.

3) In some places, the river flows into the ground and gets dry before meeting another water body.

4) Rivers generally flow through mountains, hills, valleys, plains and other geographical locations.

5) Rivers contain only 0.0001% of fresh water on earth.

6) Water in the river comes through various sources,

7) Many rivers start their journey in the rainy season or when snow or ice in the mountains starts melting.

8) Rivers increase their length when other small tributaries join them.

9) Continuous rainfall elevates the level of rivers resulting in floods which submerge lands, villages and a large area into it.

10) Fast-flowing rivers can be a very good source of energy available through watermills and hydroelectric plants.

10 Lines and Sentences on River

1) Rivers are very much important in our life from social, economic or religious aspects.

2) They provide cheap transportation, source of livelihood, electricity, sea minerals as well and gemstones.

3) Many rivers in India have got the status of a goddess or a mother in various Hindu religious books.

4) River ‘Ganga’ is the longest river of India; and by water flow, ‘Brahmaputra’ is the largest one.

5) River ‘Nile’ is the longest river in the world, and ‘Amazon’ is the largest one in terms of water volume.

6) Rivers with a steep slope and flowing quickly with a few tributaries is ‘Youthful River’.

7) A river with a less steep slope and containing more tributaries in comparison to the youthful river is a ‘Mature River’.

8) A river with low slope and containing a large number of tributaries is ‘Old River’ and the water level inside it is very large.

9) A river with some slope which gets raised due to tectonic uplift is the ‘Rejuvenated River’.

10) Rivers are the best place of tourism like river rafting, boating, cruise ship travelling, etc.

10 Lines on River

5 Lines on River

1) It is a water body flowing naturally.

2) It contains freshwater.

3) There are many rivers in the world.

4) Ganga, Yamuna, etc are some rivers.

5) They are a good source of water.

20 Lines on River

1) A river is a natural water body flowing freely on the land towards another larger water body.

2) A river gets more water from other sources like pond, rain and another river as flows downstream.

3) The place closest to the source of origination of the river is class ‘Upper Course’.

4) All the smaller water bodies meeting to the river in the path are called its ‘Tributaries’.

5) The river lastly goes to meet larger water bodies like the sea and the ocean.

6) Part of the river where it meets the ocean or sea is called the ‘Mouth’ of the river.

7) The upper course of the river is narrow, but the mouth becomes wider.

8) The river is a large source of fresh and free-flowing water.

9) River comes with huge advantages for human and other animals like water and minerals.

10) A river causes flood when it overflows due to heavy rain or fast melting of ice caps.

11) A river usually gets water from heavy rain or melting of ice on mountains.

12) A ‘Bank’ is the edge of a river, and the land here is very useful for farming or gardening.

13) The river is a great source of irrigation of fields in agriculture.

14) The river also provides drinking water for human and other living beings.

15) A river contains a large number of minerals, so bathing in it is good for our health.

16) River, with a speedy current, helps in generating electricity.

17) A river is a good, fast, secure and convenient way of transportation.

18) Fishes, clay and reeds, obtained from the river, are useful for human in many ways.

19) The river is useful for many adventurous sports like river rafting, kayaking, rowing etc.

20) The ‘Nile’ river in east-central Africa is the ‘longest river in the world’.

Rivers in India get huge respect from people since they nurture and bless human civilization as a mother does to her child. The banks of the rivers become a place for celebrating important festivals based on the sanctity of the rivers. It is our duty to keep our rivers clean and pure. In the series, ‘Namami Gange Yojana’, in 2014 by the government of India, is an effort to maintain the cleanliness, purity and sanctity of river Ganga.

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