10 Lines on Republic Day of India

There are some days that remind of significant historical events of the nation. Republic day is considered an important day in the history of India. It is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm and happiness. This year we will be celebrating our 74th republic day on 26 January 2023. Let’s have a precise idea of republic day through the set of 10 lines provided below.

Ten Lines on 74th Republic Day of India 2023

Republic day drawing | 10 Lines on Republic Day Celebration

Set – 1

1) We celebrate Republic Day of India on 26th of January.

2) Republic Day is a National Festival of India.

3) On this day the Constitution of India came into force in 1950.

4) The Constitution is the supreme law of India.

5) Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar is the father of the Constitution of India.

6) We all must respect our constitution

7) We must attend the Flag ceremony at school.

8) Learn and sing National Anthem – “Jana Gana Mann”.

9) Children adore flags and balloons coloured as National Flag.

10) We must respect our freedom and freedom fighters.

Set – 2

1) Every year India celebrates its Republic Day on 26 January.

2) It is the National Festival of India.

3) On this day in 1950, our constitution came into effect.

4) This year in 2023 we will celebrate the 74th republic day of India.

5) On 26 January, the President of India hoists the national flag in New Delhi.

6) It is the first time when Republic Day celebration will be held in the presence of first tribal woman President, Honourable Smt. Droupadi Murmu.

7) A big parade is held at India Gate in New Delhi.

8) Republic day is celebrated in schools and colleges with full enthusiasm and Joy.

9) The President gives awards to the brave soldiers and people on this day.

10) The republic day teaches us to live in unity and peace.

Set – 3

1) The Republic Day is a national festival in India.

2) The day commemorates the Constitution of India which came into effect from 26th January 1950.

3) Republic Day describes the importance of the Constitution of India for every Indian.

4) It marks India’s transition from colonial governed towards a democratic republic.

5) The drafting committee of the constitution, formed on 29th August 1947, was under the Chairmanship of B. R. Ambedkar.

6) Drafting committee presented the draft constitution to its President, Dr Rajendra Prasad on 26th November 1949.

7) On 26th January 1930, the Indian National Congress had declared the independence of India.

8) Republic Day is a National holiday (National Festival) in India.

9) The entire nation celebrates it on a grand level.

10) The presence of all the government Employees is mandatory for flag hoisting.

10 Lines on Republic Day of India

Set – 4

1) Republic Day of India spreads the message of equality, brotherhood, unity and integrity.

2) It is a day to feel patriotic and follow nationalism.

3) Indian Defence Services conduct a parade at Rajpath on the occasion of Republic Day.

4) The Republic Day parade is a medium to show the defence capability of India to the World.

5) Each state prepares a tableau presenting the culture and tradition of that state.

6) Schools and Collages conduct various programmes on the day to raise awareness among the students.

7) On this day, people pay tribute to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives fighting for Indian independence.

8) People also commemorate Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, who played a prominent role in framing the Indian Constitution.

9) It is also a day to present various bravery awards to defence personals and civilians.

10) 29 January is the day for ‘Beating Retreat’, the official closing ceremony for the Republic Day celebrations.

Set – 5

1) People of every religion, caste and social status participate in Republic Day celebration in India.

2) The implementation of the Constitution of India was not less than a festival for Indians.

3) Every member of the Constituent Assembly played an equal role in framing the constitution of India.

4) The constitution of India is for the people, of the people and by the people, which makes India a Republic Country.

5) We hoist our national flag proudly on this day and sing our national anthem.

6) The cultural programmes on this day motivate us to live for the welfare of the people.

7) In New Delhi, President of India hoists the national flag at Rajpath and takes the salute of the Indian Armed forces.

8) India also invites a chief guest from the foreign countries to witness the grand celebration of the event.

9) The President of India awards bravery medals to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation.

10) We should never forget our freedom fighters and their sacrifices.

Set – 6

1) Republic Day of India is such an occasion which the children wait the most eagerly.

2) People celebrate it with a patriotic fervour across the nation.

3) It was the day when the dominion status of India changed into Sovereign, Democratic and Republic nation.

4) The Constitution of India provides six fundamental rights to its citizens which helps them to lead a comfortable life.

5) Constitution also gives the right to choose the government in the hands of its citizen.

6) Its celebration takes place in almost every part of the nation and by every individual.

7) Children participate in various activities to get rewarded.

8) It is the day when we can listen to patriotic songs broadcasting on TV and Radio all-round us.

9) Schools and colleges also celebrate Republic Day by unfurling the National Flag and singing National Anthem.

10) Republic Day makes us realize the importance of democracy.

Republic Day is a celebration for the country’s transition towards becoming a democratic republic. It reminds us of the need for self-rule and the ordeal our freedom fighters have gone through for attaining it. We should tell our younger about the past of our nation so that they can have a plan for a better India.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions On Republic Day of India

Q.1 On which day, Swaraj Diwas is celebrated?

Ans. Following Congress’s proclamation of Purna Swaraj, the entire nation honoured Purna Swaraj Diwas on January 26, 1930.

Q.2 Who unfurls the National Flag on Republic day?

Ans. The president of India unfurls the National Flag on Republic day.

Q.3 Which country is called republic?

Ans. A republic is a form of government in which the people, or some significant portion of them, possess supreme control over the government and where offices of state are elected or chosen by people.

Q.4 What kind of republic is India?

Ans. India has a parliamentary system of government with federal and unitary components. It is a “sovereign socialist secular democratic republic”.

Q.5 What was the time when Constitution of India came into existence?

Ans. On 26th January 1950, at 10:18 AM, the Constitution of India came into existence.