10 Lines on Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma is one of those few people who have made history through their work. He is well known as first Indian to visit space. We have created some sets of 10 lines on Rakesh Sharma and provided below. You can read them, and they will satisfy you with plenty of information.

Ten Lines on Rakesh Sharma

Set – 1

1) Rakesh Sharma is the first Indian to reach in space.

2) He had born on 13 January 1949 in the Patiala district of Punjab, India.

3) He had completed his graduation from the Nizam College of Hyderabad.

4) As a pilot, he had joined the Indian Air Force in the year 1970.

5) On 3 April 1984, he became the first Indian to visit the space.

6) In the next few years, he was promoted to the Wing Commander.

7) After retirement, he became the chief test pilot in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

8) He married to Madhu Sharma in 1982.

9) He has a son named Kapil Sharma and a daughter named Kartika.

10) His son Kapil Sharma is a film director in Bollywood.

Set – 2

1) Rakesh Sharma had become a squadron leader in the Indian Air-Force in 1984.

2) It was Soviet rocket ‘Soyuz T-11’ in which he had gone into space.

3) He lived in space for about 7 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes.

4) After returning, the Soviet Union honoured him with the ‘Hero of Soviet Union’ award.

5) He has also received the gallantry award ‘Ashok Chakra’ for his work.

6) In the year 2001, he took the retirement from a flying plane.

7) Sharma has exercised ‘Zero Gravity Yoga’ to stay fit in space.

8) In the space, he and his crew were regularly in contact with then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi through video conferencing.

9) Though he visited the space for the first time, he didn’t land on Moon.

10) In a recent interview, he has expressed his wish to visit space again.

10) In a recent interview, he has expressed his wish to visit space again.

What Rakesh Sharma did was a work of immense bravery. His name has recorded in Indian history forever. The people who have worked with him say that he is a man of words and performs his duty with honesty. We salute the real hero of India.

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