10 Lines on Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma was a squadron leader with the Indian Air Force who was also the first of the Indian resident astronaut traveling to space and spending eight days there. He was selected as a part of a joint programme between the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Soviet’s Interkosmos space program. He spent eight days in space on board the Salyut -VII space station. He joined two other Soviet cosmonauts aboard the Soyuz T-11 spacecraft which was sent to space on 2nd April 1984. The Government of India honored him with the Ashok Chakra.

Ten Lines on Rakesh Sharma

Set 1

1) Rakesh Sharma is a former Air Force Pilot and cosmonaut, who is also the first Indian to visit into space.

2) He was born in a Gaur-Brahmin family on 13th January 1949 in Patiala, Punjab.

3) His parents were Tripti Sharma and Devendranath Sharma.

4) He got married to Madhu, who was an interior designer.

5) Rakesh first joined Indian Air Force as a pilot in 1970 and later on promoted as the Squadron leader in 1984.

6) He boarded on Russian space shuttle Soyuz T-11 with other cosmonauts Yury Malyshev, the ship’s commander and the flight engineer Gennady Strekalov.

7) Sharma spent 7 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes in space and became the first Indian citizen to visit space.

8) He had taken three-year rigorous training and even practiced ‘Zero Gravity Yoga’ to deal with the issues of space sickness before setting his foot into space.

9) His son, Kapil Sharma, is a film producer, who directed the film “I, You and Main” in 1983.

10) He is honored by the highest Gallantry Award the ‘Ashok Chakra’ and has taken his retirement in 2001.

In the other set of ten lines, some special facts on the life, education, career, and achievements of the first Indian astronaut are given here. Through these lines, we will know about his visit to space, his early work, and experiments done during his visit to space. How he made his successful journey and how he described his country when asked by the Prime Minister of India. These facts will not only give you adventure but also you will feel proud of him. Students may be benefited because these points will help them to make their writings attractive and gracious and to complete their stipulated tasks by the school.

Set 2

1) Rakesh Sharma belongs to Punjab and had completed his education from Hyderabad.

2) Sharma was selected into the Indian Air Force as a test pilot after a successful training from the National Defence Academy.

3) As a test pilot, he became an important member of war operations that were conducted against Pakistan in 1971.

4) On 20th September 1982, he was selected to visit into space as a cosmonaut in a joint programme by ISRO and the Soviet Interkosmos space programme.

5) On 2nd April 1984, he made his flight on the Soyuz T-11 and became the first Indian to visit the space.

6) When inquired by Indira Gandhi on how India looked from outer space, Sharma recited Saare Jahan Se Achcha in response.

7) Working as a test pilot with HAL, once he escaped from a fatal accident by ejecting himself off the MIG-21 at Ojhar, near Nasik.

8) He also did life science and materials processing experiments, including silicium fusing tests during the time he spent in space.

9) In 2006, Sharma was invited to a conference of the best scientists of ISRO, who were responsible for the one and only one space missions of India till date.

10) He has retired from his services in 2001 and is now the chairperson for the Automated Workflow.

Rakesh Sharma’s feat will be immortal in Indian History. He made his place in many Indians’ hearts when he answered to the PM Indira Gandhiji’s question on how India looked from outer space. He replied, “Saare Jahan Se Achha” (The Best in the World). That was also a proud moment for millions of Indian TV viewers who watched India become the 14th nation to send a man to outer space.

He was conferred with the honor of Hero of the Soviet Union after his return from space. The Government of India conferred its highest gallantry award the Ashoka Chakra to him and the other two Soviet members of this mission.

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